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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Evening Show @ 8pm EST

Happy afternoon to all of you lovely lil addicts! ;) Okay, tonight's Big Brother show starts at 8pm EST as always. Tonight we will get to see the Nominations episode and all the campaigning that took place right up until the nominations were made by this week's new HOH, Britney.

I will be back at 7pm EST to open up the chat room and get the party started! :D Until then, enjoy the next couple of hours and then meet me back here on the blog at 7pm EST!

**Feeds Update @ 4:48pm BBT:
Matt is talking to Britney in the HOH room. Matt is saying that him and Ragan aren't "an alliance" and that if Britney keeps Matt around, he'll get Brendon out next week. Matt said he is "freaked out" about going up on the block.

Matt: "Please think hard about this, Brit."
Britney: "I am."
Matt: "Thanks for listening. Thanks, kid."
Britney: "Thanks!"

Matt goes to get Ragan to talk next.

(Wanna watch this convo and every convo for the the rest of the season? Plus the Final 3 endurance comp in a couple of weeks? Then ya gotta get the live feeds!! )

*Enter the Chat Room*

Also, if you haven't yet read this week's new article from Drew the Big Brother Cynic, check it out! You can check out all of his articles by scrolling down on the left side of the blog, it's under the "Big Brother Cynic Articles" category.

In the meantime, I'm looking for some new ideas for polls!! It could be something funny...something serious...whatever! Let me know what kind of poll(s) you'd like to see on the blog & then I'll pick a few tonight and make'em! ;) Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!!

Stay tuned...
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