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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans across the land! :D Happy Monday morning! (I know, I know..Mondays suck! lol :P ) But today will be entertaining on the live feeds because today the HG's will have the Veto Ceremony!!

Last night before I logged off, Ragan had clearly got into Britney's head & got her to think about putting up Hayden instead of Matt, but soon after, Lane/Enzo/Hayden brought her back to their way of thinking and (as of now), Matt will be going up on the block today as Brendon's replacement on the chopping block. Let the drama begin!! ;)

This morning I needed a laugh, so I went to and watched the Have/Have Not's comp again from last nights episode. Ragan's fake crying was hysterical! lol If you haven't yet watched last night's episode, just click the pic below to start watching it!

Okay, I'm gonna go put the Overnighter together and start posting it in sections! :D

8:32pm BBT:
HOH Room

Lane convinced Britney (again) to put up Matt, instead of Hayden like Britney was starting to think about doing.

Lane: "If those 2 stay (Ragan/Matt), then there's more pressure on us to win more HOH's."
Britney: "I think if you and me get to the Final 4, we have a lot better chance going against Hayden and Enzo, than Matt and Ragan. Because Ragan is a strong, strong competitor."
Lane: "You can knock out 2 strong competitors with one punch right here. Ragan is gonna fall into the biggest depression (once Matt is gone)."

8:46pm BBT:
Pool Table
Lane/Brendon/Enzo (on the sidelines)

Brendon told Lane that he (Lane) has to be the last one to talk to Britney today before the Veto Ceremony, just to make sure that Brit doesn't change her mind again about not putting up Matty.

Lane: "Ragan can NOT win POV! I will break my leg before I let that happen."
Brendon: "That's what I'm sayin'."
Enzo: "Naw, that can't happen!"

BB: "Lane..."
Lane: "WHAT?"
BB: "Please go to the Diary Room."
Lane: "NO!" (*lol)

Lane heads inside.

9:44pm BBT:

Lane walked over to the hammock and their convo starts up pretty quickly.

Lane: "You have to trust me that Hayden is not going up tomorrow. Matt is."
Enzo: "Well you'd be pissed if she (did put up Hayden), and she knows that."
Lane: "Yea, so it's not gonna happen."

Enzo said he wants to talk with Britney to tell her that if she keeps her word (about him just being a pawn and staying safe this week), then he'll wanna work with her for the Final 4 because then he'll trust her for keeping her word.

12:23am BBT:
Kitchen Area

Enzo told Lane that it'd be "dirty" to get him evicted this week, especially after losing all his clothes and being in a penguin suit and being told that he's just a pawn.

Enzo: "I don't wanna go home like that, yo."
Lane: "You won't."
Enzo: "Should I talk to (Brit) tonight? Or tomorrow?"
Lane: "I wanna be the last one to talk to her tomorrow."

Lane: "She's gonna ask you..if you're aligned with Brendon, or if you want him out."
Enzo: "I'll tell her straight up, if I win HOH next, you (Brit) tell me who to put up on the block."

**The Veto Ceremony is scheduled for 11am BBT.

12:40am BBT:
HOH Room

Enzo went up to the HOH room to have his talk with Britney.

Britney: "I don't want you to go home, at all!"
Enzo: "If Hayden goes up, and not Matt, then I'm going home. I'm going home in this dirty a** penguin suit."
Britney: "And Ragan and Matt are a pair, let's face it."
Enzo: "They're like this..(*crosses fingers*) Lane is my brother in this place, I really trust Lane."
Britney: "Me too. I feel like I can trust you."
Enzo: "If I don't go home, I respect that SO MUCH. If I win HOH, I'll put up who you want me to put up. That's it!"
Britney: "I just want Brendon gone!"
Enzo: "Me too! Why do you think I'm wearing this f**kin' penguin suit?"

Both laugh.

Enzo: "Me, Lane or Hayden will win HOH.."
Britney: "You guys HAVE TO WIN HOH! If Brendon wins HOH, he might not put me up right away, but if Ragan wins POV, then he'll put me up."
Enzo: "I'm ready to win HOH!"
Britney: "I told you that I don't want you going home, and I don't want you going home!"
Enzo: "Make it happen! I feel like I'm safe, but I don't want Ragan or Matt coming up here f**king with you head. I'll come up here everytime they're up here so they don't f**k with your head."
Britney: "If we leave those 2 in the game..."
Enzo: "Then there's no breaking that thing up." (Ragan/Matt)

Enzo protected Hayden by saying that he (Enzo) knows that someone won the $5,000 and trip during the POV comp, but he doesn't think it's Hayden because Hayden would have told him (Enzo) if he did.

Their convo ends around 1:00am BBT. They hug & Enzo leaves the HOH room.

1:05am BBT:
Cabana Room

Enzo & Lane put on an act for Matt, acting like they don't know what Britney is gonna do. Enzo said that Brit is still "undecided". Matt said he's gonna go try to convince Brit to put up Ragan. Matt said that Britney knows they're a "pair" and that she wants that pair broken up, so he'll try to get Ragan out, sparing his own life in the game & that way the Brigade can stay together. Matt said he still wants the Brigade to be the Final 4.

Matt said that since the Veto Ceremony is scheduled for 11am BBT, then he wants to go talk to Britney around 10:30am BBT. (Enzo/Lane/Hayden are gonna try to block Matt from talking to Brit and Lane is still planning on being the last person to talk to her before the Veto Ceremony to make sure she's still gonna put up Matt.)

1:17am BBT:
HOH Room

Hayden went up to make sure that Britney is still thinking about putting up Matt. Hayden said that he'd be happy to win 2nd place for the $50,000 because his family really needs the money, and that if Matt & Ragan stay in the game, they could get to the Final 2 together. Britney assured Hayden that she still wants Matt to go up.

1:46am BBT:

Matt told Hayden (again) about how he wants to pitch the idea to Britney to get Ragan out this week.

Matt: "We gotta keep Ragan out of the HOH room tomorrow! I will talk to Ragan ALL DAY tomorrow to keep him out until 11." (..when the Veto Ceremony starts.)

(Hayden played along, but still is gunning for Matt to get evicted this week.)

2:15am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Hayden whispered to Enzo that Matt just told him that he (Matt) wants to get Ragan out this week and how Matt plans on pitching the idea to Britney before the Veto Ceremony. Hayden told Enzo that he told Matt "ok" but that they need to get Matt out this week still.

Enzo said that if Hayden gets put up instead, then he (Enzo) is a goner this week. Hayden said that Enzo would still have a good chance of staying if they were both on the block tomorrow.

Talk turns how badly the Have Not's room and furniture are.

Enzo: "These cots suck d*ck!"
Enzo then lets a big fart out.

Enzo: *farrrrt*
Hayden: "Holy COW! Was that you Brendon?"
Enzo: "That was Brendon." (laughs)
Hayden: "No, that was you Enzo. You have the loudest farts, Brendon has the stinkiest farts."

**That's it for the Overnighter!! I'll be opening up the morning post shortly!! :D

Stay tuned...
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