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Monday, August 23, 2010

Morning in the BB House

Good morning/afternoon, y'all!! If you haven't had time to read The Overnighter, then let's get you caught up to speed: Matt is trying to get Ragan to be the renom today at the Veto Ceremony (which is scheduled for 11am BBT). Hayden/Lane/Enzo have convinced Britney to put up Matt so that they can vote him out on Thursday.

The live feeds are gonna be very interesting and entertaining today! If Britney sticks to her word and puts up Matt, expect Ragan to have a huge meltdown and for Matt to start throwing people under the bus left and right!! It's gonna be good drama for sure!! ;)

Currently on the live feeds...

9:43am BBT:
Backyard Couch

Enzo is telling Brendon how Matt just came out and told Enzo to go up to Britney and tell her to put up Ragan.

Brendon: "Are you serious?"
Enzo: "Yea! I was like 'ok', but I'm not gonna do it. How can Britney not see that it's in her best interest to put him up."
Brendon: "And see, by (Matt) throwing his friend under the bus just proves.."

The boys plan on keeping a VERY close watch on Matt today and to keep talking to Britney to make sure Matt doesn't convince her to put up Ragan.

9:51am BBT:
HOH Room

Lane comes in and asked Britney if she would like some coffee.

Britney: "What kind? Regular? Or Dunkin Donuts (coffee)?"
Lane: "Regular, decaf...what's going on (with the way you look right now)?"
Britney: "What? My hairs wet!"
Lane: "Well, when you come downstairs, look better."

Britney: "Lane!"
Lane: (laughing) "I can't pin point what it is, but just fix it."

Lane: "So how was your talk with Hayden & Enzo last night?"
Britney: "Fine."
Lane: "What do you fine?"
Britney: "It was fine!"

Britney said it's going to be scary for her to put up Matt and for the rest of her game.

Britney: "Did you get your phone call from home yet?"

Lane: "No."
Britney: "I trust you Lane. But if I watch this show when I get out of the house and find out that you have another alliance and you played me for a fool, I'm going to kill you."

Lane is making jokes and looking at the back of a box of cereal saying to "calm down, woman."

Lane just told Britney that Matt is asking the boys to ask Britney to put up Ragan.
Britney: "Really?"
Lane: "Yea. He said he can't throw Ragan under the bus, so..(he asked us to.)"

Lane: "I wish I could stay up here all day until the Veto Ceremony."
Britney: "Well stay up here, and I'll go get cereal and coffee."
Lane: "My coffee is downstairs!"
Britney: "I'm gonna get my coffee, your coffee, and my cereal."
Lane: "That's when you're gonna get caught and Matt will be like 'Oh, let me help you!'"
Britney: "Then come downstairs with me!"

They go downstairs to the kitchen.
Feeds go to bubbles a few minutes later and then..

10:11am BBT:
HOH Room

Britney: "I'm not safe in this game no matter WHO goes home! Everyone is more loyal to somebody else other than me."
Matt: "You have Lane!"
Britney: "Ragan was campaigning for you (last week)."
Matt: "I told him not to!"
Britney: "I heard that Final 4 deals were being made that I was not a part of!"

Matt is saying that he's thinking of only him and his wife. He needs to stay in the game.

Hayden comes up and asked if she wants him to come back, Brit says yea and to come back in 5 minutes.

10:18am BBT:
Britney said that she thinks Enzo tried REALLY hard this week at the POV and was the only one besides Brendon that actually tried to get the veto.

"But what about all the times where Enzo DIDN'T fight that hard? He was neck and neck with Kathy in the ropes comp! I've been busting my a** every week in here and competing. So for you to say that's why you don't wanna send Enzo home, is like...I feel like I'm dying!"
Britney: "It's just a really bad position for me this week. I wanted Brendon to go home, and this week would have been easy! It doesn't matter..I'm not safe in this game either way."
Matt: "Brendon is gonna try to send you home if I'm gone, for sure!"
Britney: "I don't wanna make an enemy out of anyone here."
Matt: "I wouldn't be angry with you for SAVING me, I'd only be your enemy if you put me up on the block!"

Britney tries to wrap up the convo.

BB: "Hayden, please go to the Diary Room."
Britney: "I have to blow dry my hair." (*Veto Ceremony is starting in 45 mins.)
Matt: "This SUUUCCKKS!!! Ughh!!"

Matt said that he'd just be happy to still be in the house after Thursdays eviction, he wouldn't care if Ragan was gone. He said he'll make any deal Britney wants but he doesn't feel that they need to because they're "good friends".

Matt: "If there's anything I can do..offer you..please let me know, Brit. This is making me sick."
Britney: (crying) "There's not a billion people to choose from. There's 4 people to pick from..and I care about all 4 of them."
Matt: "Then why me? I'm going up because I'm the houseguest choice? That's my fate?"
Britney: "I don't wanna put up Ragan when he didn't have a chance to fight for the POV."
Matt: "Does it feel right to put me up when I fought so hard to be here?"
Britney: "It doesn't feel right to put anyone up! I can't trust anyone in this house!"

Brendon comes up. Brit said Matt will get him when they're done talking.

BB: "Britney, please go to the Diary Room."
Britney: "Crap, my hair's not dry! I'm going into the Diary Room until my hairs dry!"

Brit gets up and heads to the HOH bahtroom in a hurry, then we get bubbles on the feeds.

10:55am BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon is telling Britney that she NEEDS to put up Matt and assuring her that he (Bren) is not gunning for Britney AT ALL.

Brendon: "I guarantee you that after Matt is gone, everyone is gonna want Ragan out! If you keep Matt and make a deal with him, you're taking a HUGE gamble! He's gonna try to weasel his way out of this. I want to make it to the finish line and the only way is with you..we're going to be valuable to each other. Those guys down there are gonna target US! But again, if Matt stays, neither of us will have a shot."
Britney: "With him and Ragan together? Poisonous!"

Brendon & Britney agree to work together because the guys are gonna wanna take them out (after Matt and Ragan go).

Brendon: "Me and you will talk about what to do on Wednesday so that we know what to do on Thursday for Double Eviction. If we stick together, I think we have a good shot!"
Britney: "I agree!"

11:04am BBT:
HOH Room

Britney is telling Enzo how Matt was throwing Ragan under the bus. She told Enzo that he will NOT go home. (She's putting Matt up and the boys are voting Matt out on Thursday).

Enzo: "Thank you! Next week, you're safe."

The hug and leave the HOH room.

Enzo told Britney about how they caught a praying mantis in the backyard. When Brit entered the backyard moments later, we got a good shot of it on the feeds:

Britney: "Oh my gosh! It's HUGE!!"

Britney walks over to Ragan in the hammock so that they can talk before the Veto Ceremony takes place (which will starting shortly.)

Britney just told Ragan (in so many words) that Matt's going up today. Ragan isn't taking the news that well, he seems instantly depressed.

Britney told Ragan that "a lot of people" have been in her ear telling her that they want Ragan out and that she's protecting him. (Lie, but its her way of bringing Ragan to her side to keep her own butt safe. She's worried that sending Matt home will create an enemy with Ragan.)

BB: "Britney, please go to the Diary Room."

11:23am BBT:

Enzo/Hayden told Matt that they just saw Britney go up to Ragan outside and that's not good for him. They tell him that they think he's going up and to just act cool and "stay Brigade" (as Enzo said).

They walk into the kitchen where Lane's at and fill Lane in on how they "think" that by Britney talked to Ragan moments ago, means Matt's going up.

**The boys are playing Matt perfectly. They're acting sad and nervous..pacing back and forth.

11:31am BBT:

BB: "Brendon, please go to the Diary Room."

**Veto Ceremony is about to start soon!! :D

Stay tuned...

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