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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, good morning, goooood morning!!! :D Happy Tuesday, y'all!! Okay, so yesterday was a doozy of a day: Matt got placed on the block as Brendon's renom and he is certain he's the target for eviction. As of last night, nothing has changed: Matty is still the one slated to get the BB boot to his butt this Thursday.

Let me go gather up the Overnighter and let's see what the HG's were up to last night! :D

8:23pm BBT:
Backyard Couch Area

Brendon was sitting outside with the boys, but as soon as he went inside, Lane/Hayden/Enzo immediately started talking about how Brendon needs to go ASAP. (Brendon still thinks he's safe with all of them, but little does he know, he's one of their main targets for next week..along with Ragan.)

8:50pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Matt asked Ragan earlier if he should ask the HG's if he's going home this week and Ragan said he could ask but that they'd probably lie to him because it'd be awkward for them to tell him 'yea you're going home this week'. Well, Ragan was right.

Matt asked Lane to just please be straight-up with him and to let him know if he's for sure going home, and Lane said that he would..but he never did tell Matt.

Lane: "We're gonna be friends for a long time outside this house."
Matt: "Just keep me posted, man." (re: if he's going home or not)
Lane: "Definitely will."

They both talked about how Hayden is in a good spot to make it to the Final 3 because Hayden is still close with Lane/Enzo, plus he's (pretending to be) close with Brendon (in case Brendon wins HOH).

Lane walks out, Hayden enters.
Matt/Hayden start talking.

Matt told Hayden the same thing he told Lane: to just let him know either way if he's getting evicted on Thursday.

Matt: "The waiting..the not knowing, is the worst. Just please be straight-up with me."

Hayden never told Matt that he's going this week, but that he'd "let him know". Matt said that the Brigade members have been up on the block too many times and that he (Matt) wants one of the Brigade members to win the game.

After Matt leaves, Hayden looked at the camera and talked to us feed watchers.

Hayden: "What do I do? ...What do I do.."

Hayden then said who he'd like to see get evicted and in what order. The first time he mouthed it, he said...

Hayden: "Matt, Ragan, Brendon, Britney, Enzo..(holds up 2 fingers) & Lane (for Final 2)."

He then says it again, this time reversing Brendon/Britney...

Hayden: ""Matt, Ragan, Britney, Brendon, & Lane (for Final 2)."

9:23am BBT:
Sunset Room

Since Enzo gave all his clothes to charity during this weeks POV Comp (and was given only a penguin suit to wear), Hayden gave him some jeans to wear.

Hayden: "We're giving Enzo a makeover!"
Enzo: "What charity did my clothes go to? Production Charity?" (*lol)
Hayden: "Those look good on you..."

The boys then start game-talking. Hayden told Enzo about his convo with Matt just moments earlier.

Hayden: "I told him I'd keep an open mind.."

Hayden said that they need to win HOH this week and that they should start studying because this weeks HOH comp is gonna be a mental comp. Hayden said that Britney told him that if BB were to take things from the house, it'd be stuff that's glued down and they'd do it during a lockdown.

Enzo: "We were locked down today..they might have took some sh*t!"

They start quizzing each other, going over events in the house, etc.

9:50pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Matt told Ragan that he talked to Hayden & Lane and both of them said they'd let him know if/when they know if he's gonna be the one voted out. Ragan said they're lying and that they know he's going home, they're just being nice to get his jury vote.

Matt: "But they'd get my vote if they were honest with me! I don't think you're wrong, I think I'm definitely going home."
Ragan: "I don't think you have a snow ball's chance in hell."

Ragan said his mistake was putting up Kathy as his replacement nom, he shouldn't have put up Kathy.

10:23pm BBT:

Matt told Ragan that he is a "super fan" of BB, since season 1 but he didn't want people in the house to know that because it'd make him look like a bigger threat (from his knowledge of BB).

Matt then confesses that he has seen Natalie (aka "gnat") and..
Matt: "I have been in cars with Ronnie and Casey and.." (bubbles on the feeds.)

**Matt was supposed to be on BB11.

Ragan: "Wow, that is wild!"

11:02pm BBT:
Pool Table

Lane was outside by himself in the backyard for a good part of the night. Lane said he enjoyed it and "it was nice!"

Lane/Hayden both told each other about their convos with Matt. Hayden said he told Matt he hasn't made up his mind yet, then they started talking about how the Brigade is backdooring one of their own this week.

Lane said that Matt told him that Ragan might know about the Brigade because when Matt asked Hayden (in front of Ragan last week) if Hay/Enzo were splitting the votes, that pretty much outed them as being in an alliance together, otherwise there'd be no point to them splitting their votes.

11:30pm BBT:
Sweetest Line of the Season:

Enzo: "That's my $500,000 right there..when I see my daughter again." (**Awww! :) )

12:07am BBT:

Ragan said they need to have a serious convo about them (Ragan/Britney). Ragan said they need to seem distant from each other so that the other HG's don't see them as another "pair", especially because they're already targets in the house. They agree that they have each others backs in the game, but will remain distant.

1:03am BBT:

Britney was making a tiara out of foil (which turned out really good, surprisingly!)

Ragan told Britney to do a pagent walk for him. As Ragan gets up, he notices Enzo pretending that the weights in the backyard is a spaceship. lol :P

Ragan: "What the f**k is going on tonight??!" (*LOL)

Enzo: *making a spaceship engine noise*..."I gotta check this engine.."

Lane is laughing in the hammock.

Enzo: "How about the left engine..left engine looks good..."

Enzo is now ready for takeoff. lol :P

**Highly recommend watching this on the Flashback Feeds. lol Totally worth it for a good laugh!! Start at 1:07am, Camera 2.

Lane: (laughing) "You've cracked, man!"

Enzo continues...

Enzo: (to Matt) "You want a ride?"
Matt: "Sure!"
Enzo: "You got the controllers?"

Matt goes and gets 2 dumbbells and uses them as "controllers". lol

**I laughed so hard at this part, that I had tears in my eyes!! LOL :D

Enzo & Matt both get off the weight bench.

Matt: "It's a full moon out tonight, we're all going f**kin' crazy!"
Enzo: "I think I pulled a hamstring on that sh*t.."

Britney then did her pageant walking. Enzo said it was creepy. lol

1:35am BBT:
Lane came up behind Britney and did a sneak-attack on her, knocking off her crown.

Enzo: "Choke her out! Yea! Kill her for a second and then bring her back to life!"

Everyone is laughing.

Britney then throws a pillow at Enzo, then grabs a beach towel from the ground and starts beating him with it.

1:54am BBT:
Backyard Couch Area

Matt, outside alone, sat down, took a drink of his water, looked at the camera and shrugged as if to say 'There's nothing I can do.'

Matt looks defeated.

2:10am BBT:
Ragan told Matt that Hayden/Enzo are this seasons biggest floaters and their days are numbered.

All HG's were in bed by 3am BBT.

**And that's it for the Overnighter!! :D As of 9:30am BBT, only Brendon is up. I will start the morning post shortly!

Stay tuned...

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