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Friday, August 27, 2010

The Overnighter

Gooood morning, everybody!! :D Happy Friday morning!! As of 5am BBT, Enzo/Brit/Lane are still up and are talking in the HOH room. (This will give me hours to do a very thorough Overnigther, yayyy!)

I'm gonna start the Overnighter at 9:45am EST (6:45am BBT), so come back as I start posting in sections starting around then.

**Special thanks to SuzieQ for keeping the blog updated last night while I was stuck in traffic on the Pennsylvania Turnpike!! :)

Lane won the 2nd HOH!!!!

**If you weren't able to watch last nights Double Eviction show, just click the pic below!!

9:53pm BBT:
The feeds finally got turned back on at 9:53pm, so that's where I'm gonna start from (since nothing happened from 9am-9:53pm yesterday). :)

10:05pm BBT:
Dining Room Table

Enzo said that it was really stupid that Matt lied about his age...saying he was 30 when he was really 33. They don't understand why he would lie about his, doesn't make sense.

Enzo: "He sabotaged himself!"

Talk turns the jury house and how they're only gonna be in there for 2 weeks starting next week.

12:45am BBT:
HOH Room
All HG's

Lane got his HOH room last night!

*The feeds switched to bubbles as soon as all the HG's entered the HOH room, so there's no screencaps, but we did get audio so I'll type what was said. :)

Enzo saw a picture of Lane's brother...
Enzo: "WOWW! He looks like the Undertaker!!" (**Wrestler for the WWE)

Lane got a letter from his mom. The letter said that Gunner (his brother??) broke his hand, his mom said it's been hot & over 100 degrees, and the letter mentioned names of friends and family and how they're doing.

(Since there's no visual of Lane reading his letter from home, how about one of Britney reading it? lol :P )

1:20am BBT:
HOH Room

Enzo said that he can't "snake" the Brigade (aka turn his back on them), he's sticking with Lane/Hayden until the end.

Lane: "We're Final 3."

Lane said that Enzo will win HOH next week, and that Ragan is gone is this week. Enzo said that Ragan is smart and knows all the house facts. Enzo/Lane then said that they're convinced that Matt was the sab.

Enzo asked Lane if he's scared to put up Britney and Lane said no.

**The HG's spent A LOT of time talking about non-game stuff (family, friends, music, etc etc. Gonna fast forward to the game talk.

3:20am BBT:

Ragan just left the HOH room where Hayden/Lane/Enzo/Britney were. He heads to the hammock to talk to us feed watchers.

Ragan: "'m either in the best position in the house, or the worst position. You have the 3 boys working together..then you have a pair...Brit/Lane..then Hayden/Enzo. I'm nowhere in this web. I know Britney would slit my throat..or anyones throat except for Lane's. If I don't win POV...I'm obviously the target this week...but someone is gonna have to go up against me which he will say is a pawn. Lane will have to show who he's truly aligned with this week..Britney or the boys. If he puts up any of the boys, then he's truly aligned with Britney and not the boys. If he puts up Britney goes up, it could just be a 'smoke screen' for the boys, because if it's me & Britney, and I win Power of Veto, she stays up on the block, either Hayden/Enzo go up on the block, and Britney will probably be thinking that I will vote for her to stay, one of the boys will vote for whichever of the boys is up on the block, and Lane would have to break the tie. It's a very tangled web. So I think I'll just be nice to everyone, which isn't hard because I like everyone, and not cause any waves and see how the chips fall. would be foolish of me to assume that my life in this house does not depend solely on winning the POV, because it does."

Ragan: "I think if I can win this weeks veto, then I just might be able to make it to the end of this game. Stay tuned!"

Ragan gets up & goes to bed at 3:20am BBT.

3:35am BBT:
Kitchen Area

Lane asked Hayden what he should do for a pawn this week.

Hayden: "Put up Brit."

Hayden wonders if Brit/Ragan have an alliance, though he doesn't think they do..just entertaining the possibility. Hayden is afraid if Brit/Ragan do have an alliance, then Brit could pull Ragan off the block if she wins POV.

Lane: "Worst case scenario..Ragan wins, pulls himself off, I put up Enzo. Britney goes up, Britney goes home, Enzo is safe.

Hayden said that Enzo will be pissed if he's the pawn, Lane said that he'll tell Enzo that he's safe this week either way.

Hayden: "You could put me up as a pawn.."
Lane: "No no, that's too risky. You're my key to the Final 2."
Hayden: "Yea."
Lane: "I gotta put up Ragan/Britney."
Hayden: "Ideally, Ragan doesn't win POV this week..goes home, then Britney next week. Then it's us 3 (Enzo/Hayden/Lane) in the Final 3. Then you and I in the Final 2."

Hayden said he thinks all three of them (Enzo/Hay/Lane) will win money: Enzo for the $25,000 America's Vote, $50,000 for 2nd place, and $500,000 for first place.)

Lane: "Ragan's not gonna win POV. Too many people (playing against him) to win it."

Hayden: "We have..we have a 2 in 4 shot of getting to the Final 2. 50% chance."

The pawn then changes back to Enzo. (This convo goes on, so I'll sum it for y'all).

The boys decide to put up Enzo as the pawn, but to tell Enzo prior that he's just a pawn and he's 100% safe either way..because even if Ragan wins POV, Lane will put up Britney and they'll vote her out.

4:36am BBT:
HOH Room
Britney/Lane/Enzo (listening to music)

Lane told Britney that Enzo is gonna be pissed when he tells him he's going up as a pawn tomorrow. Britney said it's something that he (Lane) has to do. Britney said that Enzo plays harder for POV when he's nominated.

Talk turns to how Lane thinks today will be a luxury comp. (**If BB is keeping with the past few seasons schedule, then there should be! BB usually lets us watch the luxury comp on the live feeds.)

4:44am BBT:
Let the flirting begin! ;)

Britney: "I think BB is gonna wake us up early tomorrow."
Lane: "Wanna sleep up here?
Britney: "Yea but I can't."
Lane: "Why not?"
Britney: "Because I can't."

Britney then puts on Lane's work hat.

Lane: "Says who?"
Britney: (laughing) "The world."
Lane: "You're (engagement) is done with."
Britney: "No it's not!"
Lane: "When you get out of here, you'll see..and you let this opportunity pass you by."
Britney: "You're stupid."

Britney said she wants to work in the oil field. She asked Lane if she could get a job working in the oil field, and Lane said yea. They got back and forth for a little while longer before finally passing seperate beds. (Britney went downstairs and slept in the Palm Bedroom, and Lane in the HOH room..alone.)

That's it for the Overnighter! :D I'll be starting the morning post shortly!

Stay tuned...

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