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Monday, August 23, 2010

Afternoon in the BB House + Veto Ceremony Spoiler

Good afternoon everybody!! At 11:34am BBT, the live feeds went to bubbles right after Brendon was called into the Diary Room. The Veto Ceremony is about to begin!! :D

Britney is going to be putting up Matt as Brendon's replacement on the chopping block, and Lane/Brendon/Hayden plan to evict Matt on Thursday. As soon as the feeds come back, I'll post the spoiler below & then continue with the afternoon post!!

The Replacement Nom is:


Currently on the live feeds...

12:35pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

12:35pm BBT:
Kitchen Area

Britney is telling Matt that is sucks because everyone is there to fight to win. She went on to say that Enzo hasn't seen his daughter in 2 months and she's only 1 yr old.

Britney: "I couldn't f'ing imagine how hard that would be. Couldn't even imagine!"
Matt: "Yea."

12:43pm BBT:
Pool Area

Lane: (joking) "I think you made a big mistake."
Britney: "Yea, I should have nominated you."

Britney: "I just backdoored somebody. That's cold!"

Brendon told Britney that she made the right choice.

Enzo comes out and gets in the pool.

Britney: "Poor Enzo. He doesn't wanna be in the water, but he doesn't wanna be in the penguin suit all day either."

Enzo: "He threw his best friend under the bus! Woooow!" (Talking about how Matty tried to get Ragan to be the renom.)

As for how Matt's taking it...well..he's taking it. lol

12:53pm BBT:
Pool Area

Enzo: "We traded the brains for the blonde."

The guys all agree that one of them three have to win HOH on Thursday, and put up Brendon and Ragan. Lane thinks Brendon should go first, Enzo said he doesn't care when Brendon goes..first or second, just as long as he goes. They said they'll tell Brendon he's just a pawn (in case he wins POV).

1:13pm BBT:
Kitchen Area

Britney told Ragan (earlier, prior to the veto cermeony) that Matt threw Ragan under the bus. Ragan is pissed and wants to call Matt on it.

Britney: "Just please don't bring my name into it. I don't want to be in the middle of any drama."
Ragan: "I want to continue to be Matt's friend in the house, but I just wanna talk to him about it. It was a low-blow."
Britney: "Look at how close you two are and..(he did that to you.) I believe Matt is a good person, but that he's been playing a fierce game. And I heard it from multiple people, just not one person."
Ragan: "I don't want to know the details (from Matt's mouth) because that will make me angry. I just want to know."

Ragan asked Britney if everyone is still on the same page to get Brendon out ASAP and Britney said yes, but to not tell anyone because Brendon doesn't know that everyone is gunning for him.

Ragan: "Who do I have to tell? I don't have anyone else to talk to!"

Hayden comes through and their convo ends. Ragan walks away saying "Thanks, Brit." and Britney said "Sure thing."

Hayden asked Britney what they talked about.

Britney: "He knows that Matt threw him under the bus."
Hayden: "How does he know?"
Britney: "I dunno. I didn't say anything to him. He asked me if Matt said anything about him and I said 'he did everything he could to not get on the block', then Ragan said to not tell him any details."

Feeds go to bubbles for a minute and when the feeds came back, we see Ragan studying the faces of all the houseguests on the memory wall for future comps.

Ragan: "See, her eyes are at an angle.." (re: Annie's eyes)

All other HG's are in or near the pool.

Current topic: how the pickle spears that they have are only 5 calories per spear. They're amazed at how low in calories they are. lol Hayden said that the sodium level is off the charts, though.

Britney is talking about how Jessie (from BB10 & BB11) didn't have any body hair at all.

Hayden: "What about his arm pits?"
Britney: "I dunno! I guess I saw them..but I don't remember if they were shaved or not."
Enzo: "You don't wanna know."

Everyone is wishing Britney a Happy Birthday. All of them start talking about their own birthdays and ages. Enzo can't believe he was 16 yrs old 16 yrs ago. :P

1:39pm BBT:
Enzo is telling Brendon (who never heard the story) about how he became the Meow Meow:

Enzo met a girl at a bar, her and some friends packed into Enzo's car, and before he even started it up, she farted really loud and tried to blame Enzo. Enzo told her that he wouldn't deny farting in front of his friends and her response was "Whatever! Meow, meow, meow!" and ever since, he's been the Meow Meow.

Inside the BB house, Ragan is eating a hot dog.

Feeds auto-switch to...

1:55pm BBT:

Kitchen Area

The feeds auto-switched after their convo was done, so I didn't hear what was said. Ragan said he's gonna go up to the the HOH room to listen to Britney's CD.

Matt: "You okay, man? You're acting weird."
Ragan: "Yep. I'm fine."
Matt: "Alight."

2:02pm BBT:
Backyard/Pool Area

Ragan went in the backyard and wanted to "clear the air". He said he campaigned last week for Matt to stay, but he didn't think it was "hardcore campaigning". Everyone was kind confused on why Ragan was telling them this.

Hayden said he expected him (Ragan) to campaign for Matt to stay because they're friends.

2:22pm BBT:
Palm Bedroom

Hayden asked Matt "What was that all about?", with Ragan's quickie "housemeeting" outside.

Matt: "I think that Britney told him that she was putting me up because he was campaigning for me."
Hayden: "Well, I'm gonna go talk to Britney. Ragan didn't propose a final 4 deal, but he did suggest it. He said his Final 4 ideal would be you/me/Matt/Enzo."
Matt: "(Ragan) told me he was gonna do that, I told him not to."

Apparently, Matt told Ragan this morning "Why should I be penalized for you campaigning for me." and Ragan is pissed at Matt for that.

2:35pm BBT:
Lane got his phone call from home! :D

He said there's a burger on the menu of somewhere he hangs out, it's called "The Lane Burger". lol

2:37pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Britney said she had no clue what the hell Ragan's speech in the backyard was about because she was confused, Hayden said he was too. Britney said she just talked to Ragan and Ragan's mad at Matt..not her or him (Hay).

Hayden said he thought he was at him (Hay).

Hayden said that next week, he wants to put up Ragan/Brendon. Hayden then said he wants to talk to Ragan to make sure he's not mad at him.

Hayden: "So Matt's digging his own grave."
Britney: "I guess. I think he's trying to seperate himself from Ragan so that they don't look like a pair..I dunno, maybe I'm wrong. I don't know what's going on, Hayden. Just don't tell Ragan anything about the Final 4 thing because he doesn't know what's going on."

**Gonna take a blogging break to make/eat dinner, guys! I'll be back around 5pm BBT to start the Early Evening post!!

Stay tuned...
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