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Monday, August 23, 2010

Evening in the BB House

Good evening, everyone!! :D So in case you haven't been on the blog all day, let me fill ya in on what went down: The HG's had the Veto Ceremony today around 11:30am BBT and Brendon took himself off the block & Britney put up Matt as the renom. There's a little tension between Ragan & Matt for a couple of reasons..1 of them being Britney who told Ragan that Matt was throwing him (Ragan) under the bus by trying to get him to be the replace nom, and the other reason is that Matt told Ragan that he "shouldn't be penalized" for Ragan campaigning for Matt to stay last week. (This is in regards to Britney wanting half of a "pair" out.)

Okay, let's get caught up with what happened since the afternoon post!

*Brendon/Hayden both don't think that Matt tried at all at the POV Comp this week. They then both congratulated each other for making it to the Final 6. :)

*Ragan talked to himself in the Cabana Room: Ragan said it's vital for him to win HOH on Thursday, get Brendon out, then start getting out "the pairs" (Hay/Enzo, Brit/Lane)

*BB did something with the fish tank...thought maybe they cleaned it but the HG's said the dead fish was still in there, so...yea. I dunno. lol :P ::shrugs::

*Ragan has been in the Diary Room for awhile, leaving the HG's to think he might have self-ejected himself from the game. Matt thinks he might just be having a meltdown in the Diary Room.

*Enzo/Hay said that as long as Ragan doesn't win HOH, then they should be okay this week even for a Double Elimination.

*Ragan appears to still be in the Diary Room.

Currently on the live feeds...

6:01pm BBT:
Around the house..

All HG's are scattered/roaming around.

*Lane is showering in side.
*Brendon is about to shower outside.
*Hayden is in the bathroom as Lane showers.
*Britney & Matt are fussing in the kitchen.

Hayden is wondering what would happen if Ragan just quit the show (since he's still in the Diary Room. lol)

Matt joins Hayden on the bathroom couch, as Lane finishes up his shower.

Matt: "I'm going crazy today! People disappearing (Ragan), everyone napping, nobody doing nothing..we're all bored."

6:08pm BBT:
HOH Room

Britney told Enzo that he's staying for sure this week and that she doesn't even think Ragan's gonna vote for Matt at this point because of Matt's comment earlier about campaigning for Matt last week.

Enzo said he had no clue what Ragan's speech was all about, Britney said she didn't either at the time until she asked Ragan about it. Britney said that Matt doesn't even know that he upset Ragan when he said that.

6:19pm BBT:
Ragan is out of the Diary Room...finally!!

6:22pm BBT:

Ragan walked over to the hammock, and Matt joined him a few seconds later. Matt said that he (Ragan) hasn't seemed like himself lately. Matt said it's fine if Ragan needed some space so that he didn't go down with the sinking ship that is Matt. Ragan said that first thing this morning, he heard that Matt was throwing him under the bus and trying to get him to the renom.

Matt denied ever telling Britney that he wanted Ragan up instead of him. (*cough*..liar...*cough* ;) )

Matt said that Britney was the one who took it "the wrong way" and misinterpreted Matt. Matt said he's sorry and he sees Ragan as a true friend of his and he doesn't wanna lose that. Ragan said he will find out the truth when he watches this seasons episodes. They are talking calmly. Matt keeps apologizing. Matt said that he was making points of why to not nominate him (Matt), which could have sounded like he was throwing Ragan under the bus.

Matt: "Now that I think about it, the things I said could have been taking the wrong way."

6:55pm BBT:
Ragan/Matt are still talking on all 4 feeds.

Matt & Ragan both agree that the HG's are making them feel/think that Matt is going home this week.

Matt: "I think me going home will be going better for your game play."
Ragan: "I think I'll be out the door right behind you. I think the boys are working together."

7:13pm BBT:
Ragan/Matt still talking.
Ragan told Matt that he's gone this week and he doubts he'll get a 2nd vote. Matt asked if that's what he heard, or just thinks/feels. Ragan said his intuition is saying that Matt is for sure gone this week.

7:27pm BBT:
Matt wonders if the guys will just tell him, if he asks, to tell him if he's going home for sure so that he can just relax and enjoy the next few days. Matt said he wants to ask them. Ragan thinks they'll lie to him because it'll be too awkward to tell him that he's a goner.

Matt thanks Ragan for the conversation and Ragan said "you're welcome". All is good between the two love birds again. ;) lol

7:32pm BBT:
Kitchen Area
All HG's are getting ready to eat dinner.

Light chit-chat all around.

The Have's for the week are eating steak (and I think mac n cheese on the side).

Brendon is talking about a movie called "The Great Outdoors", where John Candy's character had to eat a huge steak at a restaurant.

Talk turns to masturbation. Britney said that she used to hear Enzo's cot in the Have Not squeak, Hayden said he's heard it to. Enzo said he hasn't 'done the dead solo-style' since about a month ago in the Sunset Room.

7:58pm BBT:
Dining Room Table

Talk is about when BB will end this season. They think it might end on the Sept. 15th (which is true), but they think it might last a week longer. They go over the possibility of a Double Eviction this Thursday (also true), but if there isn't then BB12 could go on past Sept 15th.

The rest of the HG's are outside.

Random chit-chat all around. Enzo/Hayden/Brendon agree that sleeping in the Sunset Room (aka "The Taj") is the best because it's pitch-black in there and they got the best sleep in that room.

Talk turns to a possible Double Eviction this Thursday and how crazy it'd be to get down to the Final 5.

Brendon: "That'd be f**kin' awesome, dude."

**Alright guys & dolls, I'm outty for the night. Meet me back here around 9am EST for The Overnighter! :D Until then, enjoy BB After Dark on Showtime & enjoy watching the live feeds!! G'dnight!!

Stay tuned...

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