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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Late Afternoon/Early Evening in the BB House

Good afternoon/evening to all of you BB addicts out there!! The Live Feeds have been buzzing all day with "if so-and-so wins HOH/POV, then..." talks. Really, there's a ton of different options, everyone is playing everyone, and it all comes down to who wins what this Thursday during the Double Eviction.

Also, Lane do I put this?..."relieved" himself in the shower this afternoon. lol :P

(This isn't the first time the cameras have caught him.) Hey, I guess it's a lot better than Enzo doing it on a cot in the Have Not's room to the point of waking Britney & Hayden up sometimes. lol

On a disturbing note, at 3:10pm BBT, Ragan made some highly inappropriate comments around Hayden/Matt (and I kinda don't even wanna post it, but I report everything, it goes..*sigh*)

Ragan: "I wanna be the inappropriate zingbot! Hey Hayden, so how many 12 yr old girls do you make blow you underneath bridges? Ziinng! Hey Matt, how many comatose patients have you stuck your finger in?"
Lane: "Ewww!"

Hayden walks away.
Ragan: "ZINNNG!!" (laughs)

**I think Ragan is losing it. No, seriously. :/

Currently on the live feeds...

5:02pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

The boys have been going over every single comp and event this season, including who was all there during the comps, who placed where, what day it happened, etc. It's highly detailed quiz training! They've been doing the group studying for about a half hour now.

Studying continues. (Enzo has left.)

Brendon: "I can't believe that Ragan has been studying with candy bars. That's not gonna help him in the competition."

**Matt told the boys earlier today that Ragan studies with chocolate candy bars. Hayden said he wants to steal'em (but has not yet done so).

Ragan went outside into the backyard, so the studying between Hayden/Brendon ended. Brendon is telling personal stories (resulting in bubbles here & there). Brendon is talking about how he wanted to practice law but noticed how lawyers are always burned out and only do it for the money.

5:36pm BBT:
Palm Bedroom

The two are studying, pretty much the same way Brendon/Enzo/Hayden were studying.

5:51pm BBT:
All 4 feeds are on Ragan/Matt still studying.

**I'm having internet issues, guys. I'm working on it..posting from my cell phone.

7:58pm BBT:
Yayyyy!! I'm back online!! Alleluia! lol :D

7:59pm BBT:
HOH Room

The 3 of them are discussing this weeks Double Eviction. They said that if Ragan wins POV, then they'll get rid of Brendon. If Brendon wins POV, they'll get out Ragan. (Either way, they're gunning after Ragan first.)

Britney exits.
Enzo enters.

Enzo: "But Brendon doesn't think we'll put him up...oh, we already talked to this. We'll tell him he's a pawn."

Britney re-enters. (She went downstairs to make coffee.)

Current topic is how gross the hot tub is. (**It has been looking kinda murky lately. lol)

Enzo: "It's a SWAMP, yo!"

8:10pm BBT:
Britney is spit-firing all house events, then Hayden takes over. It's another study session. Britney is correcting Hayden's mistakes.

8:11pm BBT:
Palm Bedroom

Ragan said he cannot believe that they're having Have Not's for the rest of the season and that it's insane.

Matt: "It's pretty brutal this season."

Matt said it's gonna take him a while before he lets anyone do anything nice for him, he'll always be questioning if there's a Pandora's Box or a motive. (*lol)

8:17pm BBT:
HOH Room

They're now mixing up weeks...week 2...then week 1...etc.

Britney leaves.

Hayden: "Britney's kicking our a**!"
Enzo: "What kind of Brigade is this, yo?" (re: Brit knowing more than them)
Hayden: "We need to study just us 3 together...without Britney."

Britney re-enters.

Hayden starts up with the quizzing again. They're going over all the saboteur messages.

8:22pm BBT:
BB: "Houseguests, please check the storage room!"

Brendon/Matt go in and find that BB gave the HG's badminton (with no net).

The HG's are super excited about it 7 go outside to play with their new toy. :P

It's Brendon/Matt vs. Lane/Hayden

They are using "Johnny 5" (the middle-of-the-yard camera) as their boundary line.

(**They kinda remind me of how happy my dog gets when I get her a new toy. lol :P)

Enzo/Britney are playing pool.

Brit & Enzo are talking about how their significant others can go out and do anything they want, and they'd never know the difference.

Britney: "See, they probably don't even miss us, because they can just get on the internet and see us."
Enzo: "Yea, but we don't see nothin'!"

The boys are still playing badminton.

(**You're welcome, gals. ;) )

**...and that's all, folks! Meet me back here around 10am EST tomorrow morning for the Overnighter!! Until then, enjoy the feeds & BB After Dark on Showtime! :D G'dnight!!

(Keep refreshing...)

Stay tuned...

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