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Friday, September 3, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans!! :D Happy Friday! I'm getting the Overnighter done super early today because..well..I can't sleep. lol :P Hayden won yesterday's HOH comp and has to put up 2 HG's on the block today during the Nominations Ceremony (which is at 5pm BBT today). Also, there is rumored that there might be a luxury comp today, and if BB is keeping with other past seasons, then us live feeds watchers will be able to watch it live! :D

Okay, let's dive right on into the Overnighter.

8:12pm BBT:
Breakfast Bar

Enzo is in the Diary Room. Britney was with Lane/Hayden but just left a minute ago.
The boys start talking.

Hayden: "I've been straight up with you since Day 1."
Lane: "Oh yea. Well, I gotta say different sh*t around Enzo. Julie asked me who I'd take to the Final or Enzo. She said because I'm in a good spot because I have the Brigade and Britney..."
Hayden: "Mmm hmm."
Lane: "So she was like, if gets down to you or Hayden, who would you take..and I said 'My boy, Hayden.'"
Hayden: "And that's the same with you, you know? I'm taking you (to Final 2)."

**So that we're all on the same page, Lane was lying..he wants Britney for Final 2, and Hayden was being honest..he's always wanted Lane with him for Final 2.

Hayden goes on to say that he'd spend the money paying off student loans and give some to his mom.

8:27pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Enzo liked the HOH comp & asked Lane if he thinks he (Lane) would have done good in that comp. Lane said he's not sure. Enzo and Hayden said it was hot outside during the comp.

Hayden: "I thought she'd have the advantage because of her small fingers, but..."
Enzo: "I kept her dropping her balls (bulbs), and I was like yoooo."

Britney is in the Sunset Room sleeping. Enzo wonders why.

Enzo: "Why she takin' a nap? Is she stressed out?"
Hayden: "Probably."

BB: "Lane?"
Lane: "Whaaat?"
BB: "Please go to the Diary Room."

Lane exits.
Enzo/Hayden talk.

Enzo is worried that Lane, if he won POV, won't vote out Britney...even though that's been the plan all along (to get Brit out next week). Enzo said the reason why he wants Brigade t-shirts is so that they can just come out with the Brigade (in front of Britney) and just have it be known that they're in it together. Hayden said that he knows Lane/Enzo won't take him to Final 2, Enzo said he thinks the same thing about himself (with Lane/Hayden).

Hayden: "All I'm sayin', is that neither of you clowns are gonna take me to the Final 2 now (that I won another HOH)."

Hayden goes on to say that Britney will have to fight to get into the win the POV and then the next HOH.

Enzo: "I wonder what this POV comp is gonna be."
Hayden: "It's gonna be a quiz. Maybe the faces (Morph o Matic). I just wanna get Britney out."

Lane gets out of the Diary Room and joins the boys in the Cabana Room again.

Enzo: (to Lane) "If you win the POV, you better f**kin' vote her out! We're Final 3 right?"

Hayden is laughing at Enzo worrying.

Lane: "Like, what are the chances me beating you over her on $500,000?"
Enzo: "You can beat me over her, yea! How are they gonna let me win with one POV? You have an HOH!"
Hayden: "I don't think that matters."
Enzo: "Just vote her out, yo. If I don't make it, at least you got my vote in the Jury House, so it'll make up for losing Britney's vote. Just let me win POV, I'll take myself, Britney goes home. That's it."

Then silence.

11:29pm BBT:

Hayden: "Who wants to see my HOH room?"

All HG's go upstairs.

Hayden got a short but sweet letter from his dad.

12:10am BBT:
HOH Room

Britney: "I dont' really wanna leave, Hayden!"
Hayden: *sighs* "I don't want you to leave either. I want Final 2 so bad, I'm trying to keep it in."

Britney said that it all comes to down to whoever wins POV. They both think the POV comp will be the Morph o Matic.

1:47am BBT:
Hot Tub

Hayden told Enzo that if he wins POV, then Britney is going home. Enzo said he wants Britney gone this week and that they have to make that happen. Enzo is worried that Lane/Brit are too close and will turn his back on the Brigade.

Enzo: (about Lane) "Don't let that b*tch get into your head, man!"
Hayden: "She's in his head already. I'm worried that Lane won't play hard for the POV on Saturday, so that it's just me and you against me (so he doesn't get blood on his hands)."
Enzo: so then WE take her out.
Hayden: "I'm playing hard in the POV, I'm taking you (to the finals). I'm probably gonna put Britney and Lane up together. But just because you might not be on the block, you still gotta play you a** off!!"

Enzo said he will fight for the POV no matter what, because if he ends up going home, he'll have nobody to blame but himself.

The rest of the night, the boys talked about the upcoming POV comp, Hayden told Enzo (again) that Britney has to go, they (Enzo/Hayden) entertain the thought of getting Lane out and keeping Britney, but say that Britney would be harder to beat in the Final 3 it's Brigade to the end. The HG's went to bed around 3:30am BBT.

Okay, I'm going to bed (I hope? lol) I'll be up before the HG's wake up & then I'll start the morning post!! :D

Stay tuned...

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