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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Evening in the BB House

Good evening, BB addicts!! :D Wow, what a GREAT show tonight!!! Britney got evicted and said "I love you guys!" as she left the house..and Lane hugged her and said "I love you". Awww!! :) I think Britney will still vote for Lane over Hayden or Enzo if Lane makes it to the Final 2. No bridges have burned between Lane/Brit.

The Final HOH Endurance Comp looked like fun!! The guys were sitting on vines, swinging back and forth into foam walls and through a waterfall in the middle. Enzo seemed to be enjoying the comp the most. (**It's all fun & games for the first 20 mins, then it becomes a real challenge.)

It's time to vote for your favorite HG this season, BB fans!!

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Okay, so Julie told us tonight that...

Tomorrow nights show will be *LIVE, and we will find out who won the Endurance Comp. (**Us feed watchers will find out tonight when the feeds come back on at 9pm BBT/12am EST. I will post the spoiler in this post tonight.)

Winner of Part 1 Final HOH is:


Also, we will watch Part 2 of the Final HOH Comp (the skill comp) on tomorrow night's live show. In addition, we will get to see Ragan's reaction in the Jury House to Matt's lie about his wife. Then we have the BB12 Finale next'll be a 2 hour show.

As soon as the feeds come back on, I will do start the Evening Post!! Check the blog around 9pm BBT/12am EST! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

8:55pm BBT:
We have live fishies on the feeds!! :D Any minute now...

9:00pm BBT:

Hayden is playing cards at the breakfast bar.

Enzo is in the bathroom, messing with the hair clippers.

Enzo: "What does C2 mean?"
Hayden: "You talkin' to me or Lane?"
Enzo: "I'm talking to anyone who's f**kin' listening!" (*LOL)

9:07pm BBT:

Hayden is trimming up Enzo's hair. Lane is on the bathroom couch, watching.

Enzo: "Be confident, yo!"
Hayden: "I AM confident, yo!" (re: hair trimming)

Hayden & Lane start laughing. Enzo said his hair looks "choppy as hell" and tells Hayden to fix it. lol

Hayden: (to Lane) "How do I blend it in?"
Enzo: "Whatever you do on this side, do on that side!"

The boys are still laughing, as Enzo is getting more & more frustrated. lol :P

**Still no word on who won Part 1 HOH. Also, I'm on Cam 3 of the feeds.

Hayden is now done trimming Enzo's hair.

Enzo: "It looks bootleg, but good."
Hayden: " show!"

Enzo is trimming around his ears now.
Enzo: "I cut my ear..."

Hayden is laughing.

9:28pm BBT:
Now Lane is shaving Enzo's neck. The boys are having a laugh-fest over it. lol

Enzo: "What is THAT right there?!?!"

The hair cut is done.

Enzo: "It's like a broken bottle! So many patches, yo!"

9:35pm BBT:
Enzo is now cleaning up from his haircut.

9:47pm BBT:

Lane is in the kitchen, playing cards.

Enzo is still in the bathroom, shaving.
No talking going on at all at the moment.

(**Come on!! WE WANNA KNOW WHO WON!!!!)

Lane is NOT playing cards, he's talking to Hayden..using the cards as HG's. He shows Hayden.

Lane: "POV..Kristen..Rachel, Britney, Kristen, Me..Enzo, Ragan..Matty, Britney, Rachel, Annie..3..Matty..Brendon, Andrew, Monet.."

Lane is studying for an upcoming Final HOH comp.

Lane: "I hope it is tomorrow, because I have everything in my head now."

Lane DID NOT win Part 1 of the Final HOH. He's playing tomorrow's comp. Lane also just said that he hasn't seen Enzo studying...sounds like Lane/Enzo are playing in tomorrows Part 2 Final HOH comp, meaning that Hayden won Part 1!!

10:02pm BBT:
Lane/Hayden said they're about to go to bed. Enzo is done cleaning up the bathroom now & is trimming his nose hairs.

**Okay guys & gals, I'm outty for the night. (It's 1am where I am.) Just wanted to stay up until I found out who won Part 1 of the Final HOH..which we now know it's Hayden! Meet me back here in the morning for The Overnighter! Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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