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Monday, September 6, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans & Happy Labor Day!! :D Hope y'all had a wonderful Labor Weekend with grilling and family. And gals, don't forget that today is another great shopping day! ;) hehe I picked up a couple of sales over the weekend myself. (Bed in a Bag for $30..killer deal!) Alright, enough about shopping. lol :P

The HG's didn't do much of anything last night except for talk and bond for hour and hours. I'm gonna gather up the parts of the night that I think you BB fans would be most interested in. Britney is still set to leave the BB house tomorrow (BB will tape tomorrow and air it on Wednesday), and Britney has "accepted death", as Enzo always says. lol

Okie dokie, gonna go gather the Overnighter!

**Sorry the Overnighter is taking me so long..trying to find interesting things to pull out from the night and it's kinda hard because nothing really happened. lol :P

9:01pm BBT:


The boys were working out, as Lane was getting frustrated with the workout bench.

Lane: "DAMN! Why do you (workout bench) have to be so GHETTO!! We're risking our lives for this weight bench!"
Hayden: "It's way more dangerous than a competition." (*LOL)

Talk turns to the Final 2.

Hayden: "Only 10 more days. And it doesn't matter the outcome, because one if us will make $50,000. You are guaranteed at least $50,000."
Lane: "I don't know (about that)."
Hayden: "Enzo would take you..."

Lane starts working out again.

10:01pm BBT:

The boys were talking about how there's no more game talk, it's the Brigade for Final 3 and they're all just gonna batttle it out against each other in the Final HOH Comps.

Talk turns to how Monet's mistake was winning the $10,000 week 1 because it put a huge target on her back. Enzo said that keeping Brendon in the house (a huge target) to the focus off of the Brigade and were never targets until Week 6.

The boys go on to talk about how they will always be known for being on BB.
Hayden: "(The idea that I'm known/famous) hasn't hit me yet."

10:39pm BBT:
The boys are still in the BY talking.

Lane: "What do you think was the hardest comp this season?"
Enzo: "The ropes, yo!"
Lane: "Really?"
Enzo: "Yea."
Lane: "I think it was the paint can."
Enzo: "The rope and the paint can were the 2 hardest, yo."
Hayden: "Yeah."
Enzo: "The rope comp frustrated me mentally, the paint can messed with me physically."

11:21pm BBT:
Hot Tub
Lane/Britney/Enzo/Hayden (grilling food nearby)

Britney was telling the boys about the famous people she's met and got autographs from. She said that John Corbett hit on her, she met Jennifer Lopez and thought she looked "bigger" in person, but that's when she was pregnant with her twins..though at the time, J.Lo had not announced her pregnancy. She goes on to say that she got an autograph from Bradley Cooper (from "The Hangover"), she met Brooke Hogan, and saw Kim Kardashian shopping in a store.

**This next convo could be sensitive to some. I'm just reporting the convo, not supporting it. Just wanted to make that crystal clear.

11:59pm BBT:
Hot Tub

Lane: "Ever play the 8 second game?"
Enzo: "No, what's the 8 second game?"
Hayden: "Didn't Lane explain this to you the other day?"
Enzo: "Oh, the 8 second game where you pull your pants down ..ummm I fogot, yo. What is it?
Lane: "If one of your buddies brings a girl back, and they're in the bed, we'd all be waiting at the door and then just bust in on ya, and you have to hold the girl for 8 seconds..because you know, the girl is trying to squirm, trying to get underneath the covers or something..."
Enzo: "Ohhh sh*t! I wanna do that!"
Lane: "8 second bullriding."
Enzo: "You just hold her down?"
Lane: "Yea."
Enzo: "Isn't that rape? Or.."

Britney: "We'll just to that to you and wifey, we'll just bust in and.."
Lane: "They won't even squirm.."
Britney: "..and you'll have to hold her down for 8 seconds."
Lane: "Like, if you're in doggystyle, and we bust in and you're riding her, you gotta hold her for 8 seconds."
Britney: "You can't let her.."
Enzo: "OH! Yea, don't do that to me. We'll do that to someone else. That IS like semi-rape, though..she's trying to get away.."
Lane: "You gotta do everything you can (to keep her from getting away). Just bear hug her. You won't see her the next day, though (from being so pissed)."
Enzo: "I'd be DIVORCED!"

12:25am BBT:

Lane masturbated (again) in the shower last night...just in case you were wondering. lol

12:50am BBT:
Palm Bedroom

Britney said she wants to make her bed before the lights go out.

Britney: "...because I like to make it a certain way."
Lane: "Get your sh*t done.*t.done."
Britney: "You gonna miss me for a while week?"
Lane: "Where ya goin'?"
Britney: "To the Jury House!"

Lane opens up the Have Not's door.
Lane: "Why haven't they locked this down? (BB) sooo lied!" (BB told Lane the other day that they're locking off the Have Not's room "soon", which has not happened yet.)
Britney: (chuckles) "Why do ya care?"
Lane: "Because!"
Britney: "Because you've been lied to."
Lane: "Yes!"
Britney: "And you take that very personally."
Lane: "Yes!"
Britney: "Take it from me Lane, don't take it personal!"
Lane: "Why?"
Britney: "Because people lie in this house."
Lane: "What?!! (BB) doesn't lie to me!"

Lane turns off the lights as Britney is still making her bed, then back on.

Britney: "Hey! I wasn't done."
Lane: "Ready (for the lights to go off now)?"
Britney: "Yea, I gotta go brush my teeth."

Lane turns off the lights.
Britney walks up to Lane and starts punching his arms playfully.

Lane: "Go brush your nappy, nappy roots."
Britney continues to punch Lane's arms and upper chest.
Lane: "Go brush your nappy roots!"

Britney pushes Lane into his bed.
Britney: "I wanna throw you up against the wall, smack you in the face, then kick you in the chest."

Lane lays down on his bed.
Britney: "Would I fall down, backwards, if I kicked someone in the chest?"
Lane: "No. If it's not a dude like me."

**That's it for The Overnighter. Most of the night consisted of the HG's talking about their cast, past BB houseguests, comps, their lives outside the house, etc. Same old, same old. :)

As of 10:50am BBT, the house lights are on but the HG's are still in bed snoozing. :P

11:33am BBT:
All HG's, except for Britney, are still sleeping.

I will start the Afternoon Post around 1:30pm-2pm BBT (at the very latest). (I'm moving next week & need to go take care of some stuff before then.)

Stay tuned...

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