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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Evening Show @ 8pm EST (Updated)

Good afternoon, BB fans! :D If you haven't yet checked out The Overnighter, please scroll down and do so. Lane/Enzo/Hayden told Britney last night about The Brigade and that she's going home this week. While she was a wreck last night over knowing her fate in the game, she is in a much better mood today and is up mingling with the boys. She's even talking about what she's gonna wear when she gets the BB boot. It's nice to see her being happy, talkative, and remembering her favorite moments from the season. :)

Tonight's show starts at 8pm EST as usual, and as always, I will be back at 7pm EST to open up the chat room!! Enjoy the rest of your afternoon and meet me back here on the blog at 7pm EST to chat about last night and to watch tonight's show!

7:22pm BBT:
The BB house has been calm all day & night. BB gave the HG's playing cards and currently, Enzo/Hayden/Lane are playing poker..and they're taking it very seriously. lol

I will be back in the morning with The Overnighter at 9am EST. Until then, enjoy the feeds & Showtime After Dark! G'dnight, fellow addicts! ;)

Stay tuned...

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