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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Overnighter + Feeds To Be Blocked

Good morning, BB addicts!! Well..I wish it was a good morning, but for you feed watchers, myself, and other bloggers, today is anything but a "good" day.

Last night I received an email from Real stating the following:

"CBS production is blocking the live feeds, and SuperPass is providing special programming to subscribers during that time. The block will occur for an extended period of time starting Tuesday morning Pacific Time."

**I will let y'all know what "special programming" & fun things that will be shown on the feeds today. :)

Other than that, there are no details to when the feeds will be back on. Most BB sites/bloggers (including myself) are betting, but not confirmed, that the feeds will be blocked all day today and tomorrow until tomorrow night. I hope we're all wrong, but..we'll see.

All BB related sites count on not only on generous donations from all of you wonderful fans out there, but also through feed signups to help support us bloggers & keep us coming back season after season. Needless to say, we are all taking a big hit this season by not seeing the Final HOH Live Endurance Comp tonight and I don't think there is one BB fan/blogger/fansite out there that is not happy camper right now.

I know a lot of y'all want to vent, and sadly there's nothing that I can personally do, except for to redirect you to the proper complaint department.

Please let your voice and opinion(s) be heard today, as you all make up the BB fan community, and voice them to CBS directly.

I am pleading with all of you to please continue to support whatever BB site(s) and/or blogs, whether it be this blog or another BB site that you frequent daily, with donations to help us all be able to come back next season to do this all over again.

Since there will be audience members in the crowd tonight, us bloggers will know the outcome of tonight's eviction (Britney is big secret there) and hopefully we'll know who won the live HOH endurance comp as well somehow.

Now it's time for The Overnighter. Please keep refreshing as I post it in sections as always.

12:12am BBT:
HOH Room

The Fabo 4 spent a lot of time mingling with each other and playing cards up in the HOH room. They played poker and blackjack.

1:00am BBT:

Lane has been talking about dyeing his beard with "Just for Men" dye for a couple of weeks now, and well..last night, Britney did it for him.

(**All I could think while watching them was that it must of been hard for Lane to be so close to Britney without just wanting to grab her and give her a kiss. It was cute to watch.)

And here's the finished product:

Britney: "I like it! Looks good!"

1:18am BBT:
HOH Room

Enzo and Hayden talked about who in the jury house would vote for if it was Enzo/Hayden in the Final 2.

Enzo: "I would probably get Rachel and Brendon's vote. Matt, you'd probably get..I could get Ragan, you get Lane, then it come down to Britney and I could probably get Britney. I think it'll be a 4-3 vote, no matter what. It's crazy! That'd be an ending to a great f**king season!"
Hayden: "It is gonna be insane!"

Hayden: "If I win the Final HOH, who do I take with me? I'm close to you..close to Lane.."
Enzo: "I know."
Hayden: "I mean, even sending Britney home is tough."
Enzo: "If I got rid of Lane (instead of Brit), Britney would probably take ME to the finals over you. But I can't..I can't do it! I'd rather (just) win the last HOH."
Hayden: "Yea."
Hayden: "Like I said, I'm not gonna use the Veto. So, if you want to get rid of Lane..Britney would take you to Final 2, I would take you to Final 2."
Enzo: "That's what I'm sayin'. It'd put me in the best position to get rid of Lane. But I'm not thinkin' about that, yo. I'm thinking about us 3..because we did this (Brigade) since Day 1, if Britney stays and wins? It'd be a f**king massacre for us!"

Enzo: "We're in a tough spot if we win the last HOH, no matter what. At that point, you just gotta respect whatever that person does."

This convo is ongoing, with the outcome being that Hayden is not using the Veto and Enzo is keeping Lane, with Britney going home. Done deal.

1:33am BBT:
Lane comes in to show off his newly dyed beard.

Enzo: "It doesn't look any different.."
Hayden: "It looks way darker, looks good!"

As Lane was about to leave to go back downstairs, Enzo told Hayden to stay with them up in the HOH room. His motive becomes crystal clear a moment later.

Enzo: "So, who you takin' to the Final 2?"

Lane stands there and doesn't answer the question.
Lane: "I'm gonna go to the Jumanji room."

Enzo calls him back and Lane sits down.
Enzo: "Because my mind is f***ed up right now. Let me blow your mind now!"
Lane: "Okay."
Enzo: "Let's say..I take Britney to the Final 3."
Hayden: (interrupts) "Yea yea yea, listen to this theory right here!" (**In other words, "Listen to this sh*t, you're gonna get pissed!" lol)

Enzo: "I take Britney to the Final 3, she takes me (to Final 2). If I win, I take her...(then Enzo realizes that Hayden is still in the room lol)..Oh no, I take you??..If I take Britney to the Final 2, I can win. She can take me, and Hayden could take me (to Final 2)."

Lane isn't liking with Enzo is saying.

(**If looks could

Hayden: "I'm not gonna use the Veto.."
Lane: "Mmm hmm! ..which we might want to, right now." (**LOL)

Enzo/Hayden both laugh.

Enzo: "But that's not ME thinking that (theory)." (He's hinting that it's BB, not him thinking that scenario.)

Lane: (pissed) "If you're gonna use the veto, take me off..don't take Britney off..."
Enzo: "No no no..nawww!!"
Lane: "..and then (Enzo) goes up..and then we'll see.."
Enzo: "I'm just, I'm just.."

Lane gets up and paces around, laughing.

Hayden: "I think no matter what I do, I'm SCREWED!"

Enzo said it's the boys for Final 3, no mater what. Lane wants to know why he'd even bring up that scenario of getting rid of Lane. Enzo said he was just being "straight up" with his thoughts (courtesy of the Diary Room), but that he would "never do that".

Lane: "Either way, I'm playing for $50,000! If I take him (Hay) to the Final 2, then the votes will be based on comps won. If I take you (Ezno), the votes will be based on social game."

This whole convo is about the boys telling each other why neither of them would win the $500,000. They're all downplaying their chances of winning 1st place, in hopes that one of them will take each other to the Final 2.

The rest of the night is filled with talks of the Part 1 Final HOH comp, Enzo talked about missing his wife and baby, about how they're positive that Evel Dick would be on the next All Stars (**he better be!! :D), and other misc. random stuff. All HG's were in bed by 5am BBT.

Stay tuned...

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