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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning/afternoon BB fans!! Sorry for the late start..couldn't get to sleep last night, think I finally passed out around 6am, hence the late wake up. Ughh. :/

Okay, so today is Live Show Day!! We'll get to see the ending of the Final HOH Endurance Comp, and then we'll see Lane/Enzo duke it out during Part 2 of the Final HOH Skill Comp live on tonight's show. Whoever wins Part 2, will then go head to head with Hayden (winner of the Part 1 Final HOH).

Let's dive right on into the Overnighter, shall we? :D

**This is gonna be a very short Overnighter today. The HG's went to bed super early (well, early for them anyways. lol)

Lane & Hayden had a discussion in the bathroom & both said that the Diary Room are trying to get them to take Enzo to Final 2 (instead of Lane/Hayden taking each other to F2), but both agreed to take each other. (**Production is probably telling them to take Enzo to F2 because they both have a better shot at winning the $$ up against Enzo, than each other.)

10:40pm BBT:

Enzo & Lane are both convinced that the Finale is tomorrow. (He's only off by 6 days. lol)

Enzo: "I just wanna play and then go home. All I know is, tomorrow is the Finale, yo!"
Lane: "If it's not, I'm breaking sh*t."

**Hmmm...Flashback is muffed up for some reason, so the rest is gonna be cliffnotes.

2:00am BBT:
Enzo got up and had a salad. Hayden woke up and joined him. Lane then got up, went to the bathroom, and joined the boys at the dining room table. They talked about all the HG's they had to beat in order to get to where they were (Final 3). Enzo mentioned that he believes Ragan was the smartest HG and how he (Ragan) never won an HOH. Lane, who was convinced earlier that today is the Finale, changed his mind and tried to tell Enzo (who is STILL convinced today is finale day lol) that it's not today.

Enzo: "Tomorrow has to be finale cause we wanna get the f**k outta here!"

Enzo then tries to figure out the schedule for this week and wonders what BB would show on Sunday nights episode. (**FYI, that will be a highlights, "never before seen" footage show.)

Hayden is now convinced that today is the Finale. lol Lane tries to tell them that it's not. This is ongoing.

By 3am BBT, all 3 guys are in bed for the night..again. :P

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! Told y'all it'd be a short one! ;) As of 10:50am BBT, the boys are still snoozing.

Stay tuned...

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