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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday: Day 1 of the Feeds Blocked

Happy Tuesday everyone!! Well, as I mentioned in the Overnighter, the feeds will be blocked today AND tomorrow. This has been confirmed now by Real:

The feeds went off this morning, as scheduled, at 8:30am BBT. They will be back on around 9pm BBT tomorrow night. (**2 days without the live feeds? I'm gonna feel so lost!! lol :( Darn addiction!!)

I will post the spoiler tonight (thanks to tonight's audience members) on who was officially booted from the BB house (Brit or Lane), though it looks set in stone that Brit is going.

Evicted from the BB House is:


Okay, so today in the BB house, the HG's will have their last Veto Ceremony of the BB12 season and then Britney will get the BB boot. Right after that, The Final 3 (Enzo/Hayden/Lane) will start Part 1 of the Final HOH, which is the endurance comp. For those of you who have BB After Dark on Showtime, y'all are gonna see a previously taped day of the feeds. No need to record it.

Totally Random:
I was looking through my twitter tweets last night and ran across this facebook post from Renny of BB10. Guess she's not a Britney fan. lol :P

(Click on the pic to enlarge.)

The comment section will be open all day, so feel free to leave any comments that you want & I'll see y'all in there! :D

Feeds Update:
Now: BB After Dark on Cam 1 on the Live Feeds page
4pm: Chelsia and Missy will be hosting Happy Hour
6pm: Chelsia and HG Howie for a live video chat as part of the BB SuperPass House Party!

Stay tuned...
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