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Monday, September 6, 2010

What Happens This Week?

Every season, there's always a little confusion during the last week of BB and what will happen, and when. This season is no different. According to, here's the rest of the BB12 schedule:

The only confusion is what will we see on Tuesday night on the feeds, and when will the Final HOH Endurance Comp start.

The Rumor Mill:
According to various sources and rumors, tomorrow (Tuesday), Britney will leave the house. The question is, will the Final HOH Endurance Comp start immediatley after Britney leaves the house tomorrow & then get shown on Wednesdays taped show? And if so, will BB show us the endurance comp on the live feeds tomorrow night? Nobody seems to have a definite answer to either of those questions.

But then again, never has there been a BB season that the Final HOH Endurance Comp was not shown on the feeds, so that gives me hope that they will show it this season as well. :)

This week is gonna be one of those "Let's see what happens!" kind of weeks, starting tomorrow. So hold on to your hats, we're in for a very bumpy (and slightly confusing) ride this week! lol

I will resume updates around 1:30pm BBT-2pm BBT at the very latest. :) See ya then!!

Stay tuned...

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