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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Evening in the BB House

Good evening, BB fans!! As we all now know, Lane won Part 2 of the Final HOH Comp, which means that on Finale Night (on Wednesday), Hayden/Lane will go head-to-head in the Part 3 Final HOH Mental Comp to determine who the BB12 Final HOH is!!

Okay, so the rest of the BB12 schedule goes as follows:
*Sunday: Highlights of "Never before seen footage" recap epsiode.
*Wednesday @ 9pm EST: Finale w/ the Final 3 + Part 3 HOH Comp.

..and then, that's it!! So from now until Wednesday, Enzo/Lane/Hayden will hang out in the BB house, chatting, having fun, and talking about the season. :)

Let's see what the boys are up, shall we? ;)

Currently on the live feeds...

6:03pm BBT:
Kitchen/Dining Room Area

Hayden: "A minute and 13 seconds is nothing to be ashamed of."
Enzo: "I'm not ASHAMED of it, but..the faces, man. The faces just were not coming to me at all."
Lane: "That was a lot of luck out there."

They continue talking about the HOH Comp.

Hayden said he at least wanted to see what the comp looked like. The boys describe for him what it looked it. Lane thinks it won't take long for BB to tear the comp down so that they can go back outside.

Enzo goes into the other room for a minute.

Lane said he didn't think he'd win the comp.

Hayden: "It doesn't matter, you're guaranteed $50g's."

Enzo comes back and their whisper convo stops.

6:24pm BBT:
Enzo/Hayden aren't talking to much. Lane is in the bathrom. Hayden seems to have a lot on his mind...very much in deep thought ever since the feeds came back on. Pacing the floor & can't seem to sit still when he does sit down for a minute.

Lane joins Enzo/Hayden in the dining room/kitchen area again.

Hayden: "That (comp) wasn't really a skill comp!"
Enzo and Lane agree.

Enzo goes up to the HOH room & goes to the bathroom. His mic stays on.

Enzo: (to himself) "It's a wrap. Aww, man." (**He knows he's a goner.)

Hayden/Lane go up to the HOH room.
Enzo comes out of the bathroom.

Enzo: I'm gonna lay down..think about wifey and sh*t. That's why I wanted tonight to be the f**kin' lose and then can go be with your family."

Lane/Hayden are playing blackjack at the HOH table.

Enzo is laying down in the HOH bed.

6:46pm BBT:
All 3 boys are still in the HOH room. Enzo is still laying down, as Hayden/Lane continue to play blackjack.

7:00pm BBT:
Feeds on trivia as the Final 3 have their steak dinner and talk about the season. (This will be aired on Sunday nights show.) :)

**And I'm outty for the night! See y'all back here tomorrow with The Overnighter! Until then, enjoy watching the live feeds!! G'dnight, y'all!

Stay tuned...

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