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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Overnighter-Saturday

Good morning, y'all!! Happy Saturday! :D The weekend is here and then next Wednesday, we will finally get to see who wins Big Brother Season 12 and I can't wait!!

I always dread the last week inside the BB house with the Final 2/Final 3 because it becomes so boring to watch..though I would imagine it'd be nice for the remaining HG's to sit around and enjoy the BB house for a few days. :) Get to embrace it all and take in the whole experience by just relaxing and remembering good times and bad times inside the BB house that season. Ahhh...memories!!

Okay, let me go gather up the Overnighter and I'll be right back to post it sections!

Yesterday Afternoon:
1pm BBT-8pm BBT: The boys spent a lot of time just relaxing around the house..tossing a nerf football, playing pool, laying around, etc etc.

4:00pm BBT:

Lane & Hayden did some football tossing in the backyard, as Enzo was inside the BB house sleeping.

Lane/Hayden sit down on the BY couch and talk about how the season is's done..and they hope they're families are on their way to California to see the finale on Wednesday.

4:05pm BBT:
Enzo comes outside.

Enzo: "It's NICE out!"
Hayden: "It's gorgeous, man!"
Lane: "Where've ya been?"
Enzo: "F**kin' depressed, yo! In bed, man."
Hayden: "You get some good sleep, though?
Enzo: "Yea, I got some sleep. Death has half-way taken me, yo."
Lane: "(Your) wifey is comin' out here on Monday!"
Enzo: "That means she's bringing the kid out here. That worries me, man."

(Enzo has talked about how he's nervous for his baby daughter flying on a plane the whole way out to Cali.)

BB: "Enzo, please put on your microphone."
Enzo: "Ha.Ha. Already did it before you even asked."
Hayden: "Big Brother is being soft today."
Enzo: "That's because they're happy that the season is almost over."
BB: "Yes!"

The boys laugh.

Lane: (from the BY couch) "Don't let death take you!"
Enzo: "I'm fightin' it, yo! It's half-way through me."
Lane: "Death doesn't take a bragade (member)."
Enzo: "I'm fightin' it. My personality is too strong."
Hayden: "Best alliance ever! And that's not coming from us..that's coming from outside sources."
Enzo: "I wish finale night was like Tuesday. Or Monday."

The boys start talking about what they're gonna do after they get out of the BB house.

7:54pm BBT:
Pool Table

Both Hayden and Lane said (in so many words) that the Diary Room told them they would have "opportunities" after BB12 is over.

8:00pm BBT:

Lane and Enzo tossed the nerf football around for a while in the backyard last night. (It was good to see Enzo not in a depression coma and being his happy self again.)

Enzo: "Couple more days, man!"
Lane: "Then we're out this b*tch!!"

They continue to play football, making goofy moves and making each other laugh.

Lane: "Come on, Favre!"

8:23pm BBT:
Dining Room

The boys are on inside lockdown, as Hayden is in the Diary Enzo a chance to talk to Lane alone. (Lane snagged the nerf football so that BB couldn't take it during the lockdown. lol)

Enzo then tells Lane that there was no way he (Enzo) would have taken Hayden over Lane to the finals because Hayden would win for sure.

Enzo: "You have a shot, man! I went into the final (HOH) competitons thinking that I had a shot."
Lane: "Mm hmm."
Enzo: "I was gonna bring you (to Final 2), I wasn't gonna bring Hayden! There's no way (I'd win)! How the f**k am I (gonna win against him)..there's no way!"
Lane: "Yea, there's no way.."
Enzo: "How the f**k am I suppose to bring him (to final 2) and win this thing. Big difference between $50g's, and $500g's, man."

Enzo then asked Lane if he's gonna try to win the Part 3 of the Final HOH on Wednesday night and Lane said yes. (Since Lane winning the last HOH comp is Enzo's only hope at going to the Final 2, he wanted to make sure Lane wouldn't throw it to Hayden, knowing that Hayden is taking Lane to F2.)

9pm BBT-2am BBT:
The boys played blackjack, using candy as money to "bet" with. They also tossed the football around some more outside after their lockdown was over. Hayden/Lane played a game of pool, then Hayden and Enzo. Lots of talk about how badly they all want BB12 to be over and they're ready for the Finale.

The boys all went to sleep around 2:30am BBT.

And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D As of 8:57am BBT, the boys are still snoozing. :P I'll begin the Afternoon Post once they wake up!

Stay tuned...

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