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Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Updated BB12 Stuff ;) (updated again!)

Updated Oct 5th:
For those of you who loved reading the Big Brother Cynic articles from Drew this season, you'll be happy to know that he will be returning to blog more cynic articles for BB13!! :D w00t w00t!!

Happy October, everyone!!! :D Sorry I had to take a couple weeks off after BB12 ended. I moved out of state, got settled into my new apartment, and been trying to get on my feet. Now that the dust has settled, I'm back to give all you lil addicts some new post-BB12 info!

Okay, first off, we'll start with...

Vegas, baby!!! The Big Brother 12 Vegas Bash was on Sept. 17th in Las Vegas. If you didn't have tickets to go (like myself), then enjoy these clips via YouTube:

Enzo says that he heard Matt is saying he (Matt) was the one who masterminded the Bragade..uh oh! ;) lol

Here's another Enzo video from Vegas Bash. This time, he was interviewed by former BB cast members Chima and Kevin. Enzo, again, talks about how Matt is going around lying saying that he (Matt) started the Bragade. lol

Speaking on Enzo, he's selling his penguin suit on ebay! Current bid (as I type this) is $!!!

If you'd like to place a bid, or just see how high the bids went to, check out his listing here.

Next up, we have EW doing a backyard interview with Britney from finale night and her reaction on winning the $25,000 America's Favorite prize:

While we're on the topic of Britney, take a look at her Meet & Greet interview from the Vegas Bash:

And here is the winner of Big Brother 12, Hayden, doing his Meet & Greet Vegas Bash Interview! He was asked if he would ever do the Amazing Race with Kristen, his response? "100% yes!"

And one more interview...Lane!! (Interviewed by former BB cast members Chima & Kevin)! They talk about Lane's "alone time" in the shower (lol) and they asked him who came up with The Bradgade...Enzo or Matt. Lane says Enzo did (which is true). Lane also said that he would have taken Enzo to Final 2 if he would have won Part 3 of the Final HOH!

Okay guys & gals, that's it for now!! ;) If you haven't yet done so, please go to the *NEW* blog url for Big Brother 13:

Of course, you can find me next season and every BB season by simply typing in!!

Stay tuned...
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