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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reality Junkie? Get Your Fix!

Hey BB fans!! It's almost the end of October and truth be told, I am not handling the withdrawls from BB too well. lol :P

A good friend of mine is keeping my reality TV addiction going by posting stuff on all of the most popular reality tv shows (like Dancing With The Stars, Survivor, Hells Kitchen, and The Amazing Race.) His website is called The Reality

Definitely worth checking out.

In other news...
I am currently planning some big things (not changes, but more like "additions") for next season, so definitely stay tuned for that!! ;)

While this season of BB might be over, I am still hard at work over here on making your permanent online home. Can't wait to show you/tell you guys more!! I will be releasing info on that as soon as possible (though it might be a couple/few weeks), so keep checking back here!)

Hope all you BB addicts are doing well!

Stay tuned...

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