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Sunday, June 20, 2010

BB Live Feeds: Early Bird Special

Okay guys & gals, you've asked for it & you've waited for it, and now it's here...the Big Brother 12 Live Feeds Early Bird Special is now available for purchase!! :D They are $29.99 for the whole season!! That's about $10/month...cheaper than going to a movie every month & much, much more entertaining. ;) But hurry up & buy them before the early bird special is going, going, gone! (The Early Bird Special Offer will be available from June 18th until the Big Brother 12 Season Premiere on July 8th.)

Just click the box below to sign up & be ready for the BB12 season!!

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(The season pass is for 3 months, so if you buy'em now, you'll be covered from start to finish of BB12. So go ahead & get'em while they're hot!...and cheap. lol)

This year, the feeds won't only be available by downloading the real player, you can now access the feeds from real's website (perfect for those of you at work who need to sneak a peek here & there hehe)

The feeds this season also have the "Flashback" feature, just like we had last season. That's where you can go back to a specific day/time and re-watch anything you missed. Miss a fight in the house? Just the use the flashback feature & it's like you're watching it live!

More BB12 details, gossip, rumors, and cast info as I get it in!! Omg I'm soooo excited!!! :D

Stay tuned...
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