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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BB11's Jeff Schroeder: Around The World For Free

If you're a fan of Jeff from Big Brother 11, then you'll be happy to hear that he's back doing a new show (only on the web via called "Around the World For Free"!

Around The World for Free on

Jeff & Jordo were on The Amazing Race but sadly did not make it to the end, so I'm pretty excited to see that Jeff is still around doing his thing! :) This will be season 2 of "Around the World For Free", though I have to admit that I never saw season 1 simply because I never heard about it before. lol Anyways, the concept of the show is that they take 1 person and start them off with no money and have them try to travel the world & with help for viewers at home that might be able to offer him a place to stay and/or some advice. It's totally interactive through, which is cool, and it has Jeff on it...sounds good to me!! :D

Though there is no official state date yet, it seems that it will be starting on/around July 26th according to a recent article on the show.

...and just because I still miss seeing Jeff shirtless on the live feeds, here's a pic for ol' times sake. ;) lol

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UPDATE: Just got an email from those at, they said that Jordan will be "part of" the Superpass this season, but they're not sure in what capacity as of yet. Oooo can't wait to find out what she'll be doing!! :D At least she'll be keeping busy as her boyfriend (Jeff) is doing the "Around the World For Free" project!

Stay tuned...
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