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Saturday, June 26, 2010

News & Rumors

We are just a short 11 days away from Big Brother 12 starting & with each passing day, more & more news, rumors, and details are coming in!

These next couple nuggets of info are nothing big, but worth mentioning nonetheless. Okay, I'll start off with...

No Pool Table In the Backyard This Season?
It's rumored that the pool table will be replaced with a foosball table for the BB12 season. BB (tried to sell) the previous pool table that was used in season 9, 10 & 11 on Ebay...

...but I guess nobody wanted it (or perhaps nobody knew it was for auction??) because it never sold. lol :P

In other news...

Showtime: After Dark
If you loved watching Big Brother on Showtime: After Dark, then rejoice because it's coming back this season!!

Sadly I don't have the option of having Showtime this year, but I'll have the live feeds with 4 different camera's to pick from to keep me busy & entertained all season long! :D

Big Brother Live Feeds Info:
Okie dokie, I've been getting a few questions here & there about the feeds so I figured I'd do a short Q & A on them in this post.

What are the 'live feeds'?
The live feeds are the camera's in the house that you can watch 24 hours a day/7 days a week. They show up to 4 different camera's at one time, letting you pick which of the 4 convos and/or action you wanna see. ;) Here's an example of what the live feeds look like...

When does the "Early Bird Special" end?
According to the email I got from Real Player, the early bird special will be available "until the Big Brother 12 Season Premiere on July 8th."

How much are they?
Right now, they are $29.99 for the whole season. (After the 'early bird special' is over, the season pass goes back up to $39.99.) If you get the live feeds now (before BB even starts), you WILL have full access from the start to the end of the season!! So if you're gonna buy the feeds anyways, might as well buy'em now & save yourself the $10!! :D

-->Get the Live Feeds Early Bird Special Right Here!! <--

**Sidenote: Remember, this year you can also access the live feeds via Real's website in addition to the Real Player! Great for those of you who aren't too internet downloading savvy, or if you just wanna peek in on the houseguests while at work! ;)

And last, but not least...
Janelle Pierzina of BB6 & BB7: All Stars GOT MARRIED!!! some dude I have no idea who he is. lol :P His name is Jess DeSanto. Naturally, she looked beautiful! :)

Congrats to Janelle & her new hubby Jess!!!

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Alrighty, that's it for this post! More news & info to come as it comes in. Until then...

Stay tuned...
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