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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Evel Dick Blogs About BB12

With BB12 just a couple weeks away from going live, the news just keeps rollin' on in!! Oooo my BB senses are starting to tingle! hehe ;)

'Evel' Dick from BB8 posted a Myspace Blog Post. In it, he reveals something juicy about Big Brother 12...

"I was very disappointed to hear that BB put out a last minute and I mean LAST F*****G SECOND, call for cast members, I think today...

This means someone they wanted on the show was either vetoed by the upper suits, or someone or someone's really f****d up right at the end (dumb mother f*****s) but it means that a week before they are to be sequestered that some random last minute choices will be made." casting was switched slightly at the last minute? Hmmmm...interesting!!

He then goes on to say (mockingly) that he has "predictions" for this season's cast. lol

"BB12 cast predictions

A cute ditsey blonde
someone tattooed
mr. buff workout boy
a skinny frat dork
a guy they put in to stir up shit
a girl that wants to f**k
2 religious people
1 black person
1 gay guy, maybe girl since the gay guys end up doing gay porn afterwards
a 40 something cool guy
a bunch of early 20 somethings with boners or fake boobs to round out the cast...

Just a guess mind you. "

Gotta love how blunt he is. :P Well fellow addicts, that's all the news I have for now! Keep checking back (hint hint: bookmark the blog if you haven't yet done so! ;) ) as I'm POSITIVE more info will be rolling in every few days until BB12 starts on July 8th!! Until then...

Stay tuned...
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