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Thursday, September 16, 2010

CBS BB12 Videos

Happy post-finale Thursday, BB fans!! :D I know it's a little sad that BB12 is over, but since we got the news yesterday that Big Brother will return for yet another season next summer, I'm still floating on cloud 9! I can't wait to see what kind of season it's gonna be! Wanna apply for BB13? Go to to download the application and learn how to send in your audition tape!! Currently there are no open casting call audition dates set, but that will all change in the upcoming months. I'll be sure to keep y'all updated on that.

Before I get to the new BB12 videos, I wanted to share my interview with KFNS St. Louis Radio Station from yesterday afternoon. Click Here and scroll down to Segment 3. I told the radio DJ's that I thought Lane would take 2nd place no matter what, Hayden would win, and that Enzo would win if Lane won Part 3 of the Final HOH and took Enzo. I had a blast doing the interview!!

Okay, let's get to videos, videos, and more videos! lol ;)

First up, if you missed last night's finale, then go here to watch it!!

Next up, we have a clip of Hayden's Backyard Interview:

Hayden said he's "Pumped!" to have won BB12. (**Congrats, Hayden!!)

Then we have Enzo's Backyard Interivew Clip:

Enzo said that if he would have been in the Final 2 with Lane, he definitely would have won. (**I agree.) But he went on to say that Hayden is a great guy and he's truly happy for him.

Speaking of Lane, here's his Backyard Interview Clip:

Lane said that Britney is a cute girl and that there "might be a future" with her, if he can punch out her fiance at a bar. (*lol)

For more videos, go to CBS: Big Brother and scroll the Newest Videos on the left-hand side!

Many, many more updates to come in the next week!! Stay tuned, guys & gals!! :D

Stay tuned...
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