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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Overnighter

Good afternoon, BB fans!! It's Monday and that means we are just a couple days away from the BB12 Finale!! w00t w00t!!! :D

Posting from now and until finale night is gonna be here & there. The Final 3 boys are bored (which means they're boring as sin to watch lol), they've been doing a lot of sleeping, and talking about the same topics they've been covering over & over again (missing their family, what they'll do once they'll get out of the house, Steamboat, etc.) It's beyond repetitive at this point and very mind numbing to watch/listen to. lol :P

The Overnighter:
Hayden & Enzo did a little jury vote counting..who would vote for who and why, with Enzo telling Hayden that he (Hay) would no doubt win sitting next to Enzo in the Final 2. This was Enzo's 2nd time pitching his "I'm better to take to the Final 2" theory. Hayden said he has been thinking about (since their 1st convo a couple of days ago). Enzo continued his pitch for about a half an hour. (12:30am BBT-1am BBT on the Flashback Feeds). So did Enzo's talks with Hayden work? Well, we'll have to wait and see on Wednesday night (if Hayden wins the Final HOH)!!

That's the only game talk from last night.

I will post here & there today, but I'm not gonna be tied down to the computer all day like I usually am. See ya this afternoon with a few postings! :D Enjoy your Monday, guys!!

Stay tuned...

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