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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Overnighter

Happy Tuesday, y'all!! Tomorrow..yes, finaaalllyyy finale night!!!! w00t w00t! :D BB12 will come to a close tomorrow night. Don't forget, tomorrow's finale is on at 9pm EST, instead of their normal 8pm EST time slot.

Nothing happened last night in the BB house...same old, same old. Enzo said he hopes wifey and their baby daughter made it to California safely for the finale. The boys all miss their family like crazy and can't wait to see them soon.

There was 1 thing that I missed in the Overnighter on Monday morning that's kinda interesting, so I'm gonna post it in today's Overnighter instead.

Sunday Sept. 12th @ 8:44pm Cam 1:
Lane/Hayden/Enzo were on the backyard couch talking about the wrap party. Lane asked Enzo to go inside with him to help him dye his beard again, so the boys went inside in the house, leaving Hayden outside to himself.

Hayden then starts talking to himself.

Hayden: "I shouldn't have said that. Ughh those clowns. Ahh crap. Only way into the final 2 is to win. You got Lane all jacked up in there. Did all that work on him (Lane) and now you guys (DR) got him all jacked up. That's bull."

Hayden sat there in silence, thinking.

So it looks like production is telling Lane that it'd be better to take Enzo, and Hayden is scared (rightfully so) that if Lane wins Part 3 of the Final HOH comp, then Lane will take Enzo over Hayden...which would be smart on Lane's part.

Okay, since today is the last day full day in the BB house, I will post an update later on (if the boys don't decide to sleep all day, that is. lol) :P

Stay tuned...

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