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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thank you!!!

(**Sorry, I was barely awake in this pic. lol :P)

And so the time has come to say goodbye to yet another season of Big Brother and anxiously await for BB13 to return next summer. This season had some great moments: fights, secrets, lies, backstabbing, paranoia...everything that BB is made up of! I loved it!!

I want to thank each and every single one of you for joining me this season (returning 'addicts' and new 'addicts' alike) for Big Brother 12! I loved chatting with all of you in the chat room, reading all of your comments, and seeing all of you debate all season long. I loved every minute of it!! I also loved all the fan emails from you guys. The feeling of crying happy tears from some of your heartfelt letters was priceless to me & I will hold them all close to my heart. I tried to respond to each email, but if I didn't get the time to do so, please know that I did read yours & I appreciate all the love and support. You guys & gals are AMAZING!!!!

Also, a big thanks to the chat room moderator, "Sassypants", for holding down the fort in the chat room this summer! You did a fantastic job, sweetie!! Muahh!!

I'd also like to thank Drew, the "Big Brother Cynic" for all of his awesome articles this season! Drew, you are always welcome to come back and do more articles anytime! I thoroughly enjoyed your articles this season & all the humor you brought to the blog. Thank you!! :)

All of you guys & gals ARE the blog, each and every season, & I hope to see all of you return and join me for next season. :)

I know this year I had some moments where I seemed a little distant (besides the week when I had the flu lol), and the reason is because I left my husband a month before BB12 began & I relocated out of state (twice...once before the season and once during the season). Though I tried my best to push emotions aside, some days were more tough on me than others. But you guys and gals kept me in great spirits all season long and gave me the strength when I needed it to blog on those tough days. Thank you for that and thank you for bearing with me!!!!

Next season is gonna be a GREAT season & I hope all of you join me again next summer!! :D

I will continue to post videos of interviews and BB12 news/gossip for the next couple of weeks, then we'll be switching over to the new BB13 blog. You can easily find me ANY BB season by simply typing in!

To those of you who supported the blog by donations and/or live feed signups, thank you!! I wouldn't be here with all of you!!!!!!! You guys and gals keep this blog running year in and year out. :)

Thank you!!!


PS There's gonna be a TON of new updates in the upcoming weeks, so keep checking back!!! ;)

Stay tuned...

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