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Monday, September 13, 2010

A look at the Final 3 in the BB House

Good afternoon/evening, BB addicts!! The BB house has been very chill all day long, with lots of sleeping going on. :P

11:55am BBT:
Lane took a shower I even need to say what he did while in the shower anymore? lol

Noon'ish BBT:
Enzo & Lane cleaned the house a little bit.

12:40pm BBT:
Lane and Enzo went back to bed. lol

4:38pm BBT:


*Enzo is on the couch, awake and talking to Lane & Hayden.
*Lane & Hayden are tossing the nerf football back & forth.

4:49pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Hayden & Lane joined Enzo on the BY couch. They talked about how they'll be able to meet production, even though they (production) have been seeing them for 3 months now.

4:59pm BBT:
Hayden gets up and folds the towels.

(**Nothin' sexier than seeing a man doing laundry!! *swwooonn*)

Enzo/Lane are still on the BY couch talking. Enzo was teasing saying that Kristen is probably stalking the jury house (for Hayden), in her hippie unitard and all.

Lane: (laughing) "Still wearing the hippietard?"
Enzo: "Yo, it'd be funny as hell if she showed up on finale night wearing that thing!"

5:05pm BBT:
The boys are talking going to Vegas after BB12 is over.

Lane: (to Enzo) "How much money you bringing to Vegas to gamble with?"
Enzo: "$50."
Lane: "$50 bucks??!" (starts laughing)
Enzo: "I'll bring $200...put it on one hand..and if I lose, I'm gonna go f**kin' CRAZY!" (*lol)

Enzo starts talking about how he wants to be movies.

Enzo: "I wanna be in a low-budge movie. Like, a movie that doesn't even make it to DVD."
Lane: "Why??"
Enzo: "Gotta start somewhere! I want it to be a really low-budget movie...with nobodies in it."
Lane: "It'll be so low-budget, they might run out of money during it."
Enzo: "I want it to be so low-budget that in the middle of making it, they run out of money and say 'It's a wrap!' and then you have to make up the ending in your own head!" (*LOL!!)

The boys are having some good convos. If you have the feeds, turn'em on. It's rather entertaining at the moment. :)

Stay tuned...

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