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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Night's Episode (Updated)

Good afternoon, y'all!! Well, I was gonna post here & there today about what's happening on the live feeds, but the boys are having one heck of a lazy day and they're not even out of bed yet. lol So...I decided to just do the Sunday Nights Episode post instead. :P

Tonight's show is a recap/highlights of "never before seen footage", the tv only viewers will it be "never before seen footage". Us live feeders have seen everything they're gonna show tonight. We will also get to see the Final 3 Dinner that they boys had. (They'll talk about moments during the season and then BB show a clip, etc.)

It'll still be a fun show to watch, though! We'll get to see some of the best/funniest moments of the BB12 season and things that never made other episodes.

Join me back here on the blog at 7pm EST when I open up the chat room! West Coasters, I will have ya covered. ;)

See ya then!!!

Updated @ 9:53pm EST:
Okay..I think the only "never before seen footage" was Kristen eating the spider. lol Other than that, it was all things we've seen this season (most, if not all, was already shown on previous BB episodes). Still was a fun recap show. :)

Well guys, that's the last non-live BB episode of the season!! Can ya believe it? BB12 is just about ovahhhhh!!! ;) What a season it has been!!

I will be back tomorrow (not sure if I'm doing an Overnighter or not, nothing has been happening on the feeds lately.) But either way, I'll be back tomorrow and do some screencaps and give some cliffnotes on what's going on. Until then, g'dnight! :D

Current look at the feeds:

The boys are at the dining room table playing cards. :)

Stay tuned...

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