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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Post-Finale: Backyard Interviews

WOW!!! What a finale!!!!! :D Congrats to Hayden for winning BB12, congrats to Lane for grabbing 2nd place, and a big congrats to Britney for winning America's Favorite!!

Let's get right to the Backyard Interviews w/ Missy, which are currently *LIVE* on the live feeds!! :D

First up, Kristen!!

(I missed her interview..I'll have to recap it later.)

Next up, Annie!

When asked by Missy, Annie said that she can't "talk about" if she had a choice or not in being the original sabatour or not. Missy said that she was surprised that Annie was 'Team Enzo'. Annie said she's done theatre all of her life and she's "taking a step in that direction" and she feels more positive after her BB experience. She also said she's moving to L.A.

Missy: "If you could pick one person in the house to hook up with, who would it be with?"
Annie: "Kristen!!"

(Remember, Annie is bisexual.)

Next up, Brendon!!!

Brendon said that he doesn't respect Hayden on a personal level, and that's why he voted for Lane. Brendon said that he didn't choose to have a showmance with Rachel, it "just happened". (**Then why did you try to hook up with Annie first? ...then Rachel when Annie denied you? lol Hmmm! ;) )

Brendon said he did the chum bath and shaved his head because he wanted to stay in the game so bad, and not take prizes..which would be "taking the easy way out". Brendon said he made it through the rest of the game (after Rachel was evicted) by fighting "really, really hard" to stay in the game.

Missy told Brendon that CBS interviewed his ex-fiance and she said that everything that Brendon told Rachel, were things that Brendon told her (the ex-fiance). Brendon said of course he said "I Love You", but not other things. He was surprised that his ex-fiance was on Team Rachel.

Next up, Monet!!

Monet said it was hard to watch the show because she was constantly analyzing the show and doing a lot of "what if's" played over in her head. She said it feels good to have fans and that the fans really get into BB every year and that's great! She was rooting for Britney or Ragan to win BB12, but then Lane after they were evicted. She wasn't surprised to see Hayden/Lane

Monet said she didn't expect Julie Chen's question about not liking Rachel (during the live show). (*LOL) She said she answered it honestly and that's how she really felt. Monet also said that she's had a lot of modeling gigs since the show. Monet also is thankful for the $10,000 she won while on the show & she's happy she didn't leave empty handed. She said she plans on saving the $10,000. not spending it.

Next up, Andrew!!

Andrew said the down-time in the house was the worst mentally & that's why he cleaned a lot. He said he returned back to work. He said he regrets doing the pillow prank during the saboteur's first mission of putting the padlock on the storage room door. He also said that everyone (friends, family, etc) call him "Captain Kosher" and he loves it!!

Next up...Kathy!!

Kathy said her eyelashes are REAL and that they just grow long..and she uses Clinique mascara. (*lol) She said she struggled with Matt's lie and that she cried a lot and "couldn't face him" for a while because he showed no remorse whatsoever...Matt played on her feelings and she has NOT forgiven him as of yet.

Kathy said she was "really sick" during the caramel comp but that she DID throw the rest of the comps because she didn't want a target on her back. She wanted the HG's to think she was a weak player. She also plans to go back to work ASAP.

Kathy said she was "shocked" that Ragan was the 2nd sab. Missy told her that Enzo thought the "S." on the "I Know Your Secret" letter that Ragan planted under Enzo's pillow, stood for "Sheriff". Kathy laughed hysterically at that. (*lol)

Kathy said that she's embarrassed to be a smoker, after battling cancer. She said it was something that she felt guilty about the whole time and it's a hard habit to break.

As Missy waits for Britney, they show a shot at the backyard:

Next up, Britney!!

Britney said she's SO HAPPY that she's America's Favorite. (**They still haven't told her about her house being burned down.) She said even if she wasn't engaged, she wouldn't have been romantically involved with Lane. Britney said she hasn't seen or talked to Nick yet. Missy said that Britney's DR sessions are hilarious. Britney said she never planned on being funny, it just happened that way..she used the D.R. sessions as therapy. Britney thinks the HG's won't "appreciate" all the trash talking she did on the HG's but that it is what it is & she's sure they did the same thing.

Britney said she has forgiven The Brigade for getting her out of the house. Brit said she would never throw away her friendship with the boys over the game. Brit then talked about their "Just a Tip" show and that she's gonna miss doing it. Britney wants to do a Finale version of "Just a Tip". Brit said her biggest regret was not winning the last POV or HOH comp.

Brit said she liked All Stars the best and that she's not sure right now if she would do All Stars since she just BARELY got out of the house.

Next up, Matt!!

Matt said he doesn't feel bad for the lie about his wife, but that he hurt others with the lie.

Matt: "Nobody is getting diseases because I lied about it! Those of you applying for BB next year, make up your own lie!"

Matt said that Kathy is being civil but doesn't think he'll hear from her after the show. He also said that Ragan has forgave him (Matt) for everything, but has not forgot about the lies. He said that he talked to his wife about his cuddling with Ragan already. lol Matt said he would have taken Enzo to Final 2, and the Brigade to Final 4. When asked, Matt said getting the DPOV was kind of a curse for him. He said he evicted Kathy over any of the Brigade members because he didn't know HOW much they really wanted him (Matt) out, but knowing what he knows now, he would have used it on one of the Brigade members.

(**Matt is being very cocky..saying he was the "King" of the Brigade, he would have won the DPOV even if he had to compete for it, etc etc.)

Matt said he put his hand down his pants all the time because it was the most comfortable place to put his hand..instead of pockets and since there's no "pockets" by the waistband, he "made his own pocket". (*lol)

Matt said he wants to get back to work as soon as possible. Matt said he only told Ragan & Britney that he was on the reality show "Average Joe". He goes on to say that he regrets throwing the last HOH comp.

Missy told Matt that his wife often called into the live feed shows and that her and Chelsia are close friends. Matt is SHOCKED at that but thinks it's super cool. Matt still claims that he (Matt) masterminded the Bradgade, not Enzo. Missy disagrees because America saw Enzo make the Bragade. (*lol) Matt said Enzo was a PART of it, but not the mastermind behind it and he wants to go back and rewatch it to prove it to people.

Next up, Ragan!!

Ragan said that him and Matt are best friends and will remain friends for life.

**I really gotta sign off for the night, guys. It's almost 1am where I am and I'm running on empty. :/ I will be posting TONS of info, gossip, videos, and everything else BB12 related over the next week or so...keep checking back!! :D Until then, enjoy the live feeds!

Stay tuned...

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