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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tonight is the BB12 Finale

Happy Wednesday and Happy Finale Day to all you lil BB addicts out there!!! :D We finally made it! w00t w00t!!!!!

Tonight, BB12 will come to an official end, with hopes of another BB season starting up again next summer. (We will know for sure soon if there's gonna be a BB13. They usually announce it either way at the wrap party. Of course, I will keep y'all updated!!)

So today is the day that either Enzo, Lane, or Hayden will win $500,000 (or $50,000 for 2nd place)!!

We'll see Hayden & Lane go head-to-head tonight in Part 3 of the Final HOH. The winner will then get to pick which one of the boys they want sitting next to them in the Final 2. While we don't know for sure who Lane or Hayden would take for the Final 2, it seems like Hayden would take Lane to F2, and it's very possible that Lane would take Enzo to the F2. Will that happen?? Who knows!! Depends on how the boys have been playing out the votes in their own heads and what they're truly thinking.

Tonight's Big Brother 12 Finale is at 9:00pm EST & lasts for 2 hours. I will have the chat room open starting at 8:30pm EST tonight. (I'll post the chat room link when I open it later on.)

West Coasters, don't you worry...I will have you covered! ;)

See ya then!!! :D

Stay tuned...

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