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Monday, August 16, 2010

Afternoon in the BB House: Part 2

Good afternoon, all you BB addicts!! It's been a slow day on the feeds, but there's been a couple of important convos. If you haven't checked out the 1st afternoon post, please do by scrolling down 1 post. :)

Let's dive right on into the Afternoon: Part 2 post!!

Currently on the live feeds...

3:39pm BBT:
Storage Room

Enzo: "This sucks, man."
Hayden: "It does. You got a power?" (to Matt)
Matt: *laughs* "No."
Enzo: "We tried to get (Brendon) to put up Britney like crazy!"
Hayden: "The problem..Rachel. She left Brendon a message (in the HOH room)."
Matt: "You think so?"
Hayden: "I know so."
Matt: "And how do you know that?"
Hayden: "Kathy."
Matt: "And would Rachel even been able to do that?"
Hayden: "With pretzels."
Matt: "Aww, FOR REAL?"
Hayden: "Yea. I'm not supposed to say nothin'."
Matt: "I won't say anything. How did Kathy know?"
Enzo: "Rach gave Kathy the HOH key."

Matt: "How could (Rach) even do that?"
Hayden: "She spelled out 'I (heart) you...then you're name spelled out with pretzel sticks."
Matt: "How could BB even let that happen? That's shady."

Hayden & Enzo tell Matt that they're gonna split the vote, and let Kathy be the deciding vote. (**Remember, Matt knows he's coming off the block on Thursday. This is just Matt's way of seeing what's up with the Brigade and where everyone's head is at.)

Matt asked why didn't Kathy tell him about the message to get him out. Enzo said that Kathy thinks she's in an alliance with Brendon and it's probably real because Brendon said he wants to carry her to the end.

Matt: "So does that mean that I don't have Kathy's vote this week then?"
Enzo: "You're gonna have to work her hard, man."
Matt: "Just keep me posted about the votes. I don't wanna be blindsided."

The boys agree.

They said that Ragan winning was the "worst case scenario".

Enzo: "It would have been perfect to get Ragan the f**k outta here."

Talk turns to getting Brendon out next week.

Matt told Enzo/Hayden that they have to win HOH and put up Ragan, because he can't put up Ragan..the same way that Lane can't put up Britney.

Matt: "I'd cast a vote again him, but I just can't put (Ragan) up."
Hayden: "So you'd want me to win HOH, put you up against Ragan, and send Ragan home..after Brendon goes home."
Matt: "Yeah. Or put Ragan up against Kathy..doesn't matter. It makes the game easier for me, for Ragan to be gone."
Hayden: "I hope there's a power."
Matt: "That's our only hope."

After the boys leave the storage room, Hayden/Enzo go into the kitchen together and say that they'll tell Matt on Thursday that he's leaving.

5:09pm BBT:
Backyard Couch
Britney/Ragan/Kathy/Hayden (on the elliptical)

Random chit chat all around. Current topic: Anderson Cooper. (*lol)

5:56pm BBT:

Lane is playing around at the pool table, while talking to Hayden who's still working out on the elliptical.

Lane: "I just want this week to be over with already! I wanna see who goes home and who's gonna be the new HOH. Wonder if Matty will leave his ducks behind if he goes home."

6:01pm BBT:
Pool Table
Enzo/Lane/Hayden (still working out)

Enzo: "Should we tell Matt that he's going home? Or just snake him?"
Hayden: "If he has a power and we tell him that we're voting him out, then he could put one of us up." (**Yep!)
Enzo: "Oh yea, I see what you're saying."

They agree to talk on Wednesday night and figure things out then.

Ragan comes out. All game talk stops.

6:32pm BBT:

All 4 feeds are on Ragan/Matt doing their "Sexy Bitch Abs Class". lol :P

**Alright, y'all..I'm outta here for the night! :D Meet me back here in the morning for The Overnighter!! Until then, enjoy watching the live feeds!! ;)

Stay tuned...

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