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Monday, August 16, 2010

Morning in the BB House

Okay, if you haven't yet seen the Overnighter (which is super short today due to the HG's being up all night & this morning, so I have to press on), then check it out!! The saboteur (Ragan) gave the HG's a total of 13 messages, according to Ragan. One of the messages said that today there's going to be a competition. What kind of comp? Nobody knows!! As of right now, the Veto Ceremony seems to still be scheduled for today.

Currently on the live feeds...

6:28am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Matt told Ragan that he made a deal with Brendon to not be the renom this week, and Matt wouldn't put up Brendon up next week. Ragan said that Brendon's word is crap. They talk about next week and getting Brendon out. The thought of throwing the HOH comp to Kathy came up because they think Kathy still wants Brendon out (and as of now, she doesn't.)

7:19am BBT:
Living Room

Hayden/Britney think for sure that Rachel is the sab and that's why she was brought back in the house.

Hayden wakes up Enzo...
Hayden: "Hey..lets go to bed, bro."

Enzo/Hayden go to the Sunset Room to go back to bed.

Hayden: "Hey..Enzo..Rachel is the sabatour"
Enzo: "She has to be!"

7:53am BBT:

Ragan is talking to himself & us live feed watchers.

Ragan: "So Brendon is already going back on the deal that he made with Matt. I think I will have a conversation with Brendon, tell him the bullsh*t he wants to hear to make a deal, then if i win HOH, stab him in the back. Only way to keep Matt here. I don't wanna do that because I actually do keep my word in this game. Matt told me he plans on throwing the next HOH comp because of his deal with Brendon. Lane/Enzo/Hayden...I can tell those three want to go to final 3 together, so breaking them up is my top priority, as well as keeping Matt in the game."

Ragan continues to brainstorm. He brings up the idea of trying to get Kathy to make a 4 person alliance with Ragan/Matt/Britney/Kathy. Matt said if he won HOH, he'd put up Matt/Hayden (knowing that Matt has the votes to stay) and get rid of "one of the boys". He also throws around Enzo's name.

Ragan: *sigh* "There's so many moving parts..." (**It's like he's playing a game of BB chess in his head, with the HG's as the chess pieces.)

Ragan: "I don't know what to do...I can talk to Kathy and see where her head is at. I don't wanna bully her or put pressure on her like Rachel/Brendon have been. Tell her to vote to keep Matt, and me and Matt would have her back in this game. And let's face it, when it comes down to keeping Britney or Kathy, it's better to keep Kathy if you're trying to make it to the end. So it'd be a legit deal that I'm making with Kathy."

Ragan: "But if she turns around and says she made a deal with (Brendon), then they're gonna vote me out the minute Brendon leaves. The house wants Brendon, then Kathy (gone)..or so everyone says. But why is it in MY best interest to get rid of Kathy? And do I really think that after Brendon's gone, that they'll get rid of Kathy before me..when they start to smell that money. This is a different point in the game, where you don't consider keeping a strong competitor in the game. Things change. People are here to win this money, and the closer they get, the more loyal to the money they are. I have to do what is smart for me. I don't want Matty to leave, ESPECIALLY before Brendon."

Ragan: "Only Brendon would put me on slop for the 3rd week in a row, put me on the block, name me as a target this week...the question is..does Matt have the votes to stay."

8:22am BBT:
Ragan: "I should get some sleep."

Ragan goes back inside the house, goes to the bathroom, then heads into the Have Not Room.

**All HG's are now sleeping again.

8:47am BBT:

Ragan & Matt couldn't sleep, so they go outside to talk in the hammock.

Ragan said that everyone is gonna want to keep Kathy around until the end.

Matt: "Not me. I want her out right after Brendon's gone."

They're brainstorming on Ragan should talk to Brendon today to keep Matt off the block today after Ragan pulls himself down. Ragan is thinking of telling Brendon that any "deal" he has with anyone in the house, is most likely fake and to make a deal with Ragan/Matt that is real (even though Ragan/Matt plan on getting Brendon out next week.)

9:23am BBT:
Bubbles on the feeds...

9:30am BBT:
HOH Room

Ragan is having his talk with Brendon where he's gonna try to to make a deal with him so that Matt doesn't go up on the block.

**Why does it take Ragan 20 mins of talking before he gets to any kind of a point? lol I know you feed watchers know what I'm talking about. :P

Ragan: "If Britney goes up, she's going home. If Matt goes up, Matt will probably stay." (He's trying a scare tactic with Brendon to keep Matt off the block.)

9:44am BBT:
Brendon: "If I put up Matt, it's for Rachel. If I put up Britney, it's for my own game play."

Ragan is getting agitated because Brendon is clearly still thinking about putting up Matt.

Ragan is still talking at a hundred miles per hour. Brendon is letting out sighs here & there.

Ragan is telling Brendon to not play for Rachel, he's already offered to give up his shot at $500,000 for her.

10:02am BBT:
BB interrupts Brendon/Ragan's convo & tells the HG's to get up for the day, the lights must remain on, for Brendon to go to the Diary Room, and then BB starts blasting morning music. (**I never realized how loud they play the morning songs because usually BB turns on the bubbles so we can't hear it. It's pretty loud! lol)

Feeds come back on.
Ragan is talking to Matt about his convo with Brendon. Matt thanked Ragan for fighting to keep him off the block.

10:13am BBT:

Britney and Lane are being their cute selves together. Britney said she can't wait to win HOH next week because she's gonna make Lane go on slop.

Lane: "Why would you put me on slop?"
Britney: "Because you're not sensitive to people that are on it! You need to feel the burn, Lane."
Lane: "Don't put me on slop, I'm nice to you!"

Talk turns to about the sab saying there's a comp today. They're not even sure if there's gonna be a comp because the saboteur said there would be, then there wouldn't be (according to Lane/Britney).

10:45am BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon and Britney are talking about the Veto Ceremony that's gonna take place today.

Brendon asked if Lane is mad at him, Britney said that he hasn't said anything.

Britney: "I don't wanna go on the block."
Brendon: "I know."
Britney: "Because I'll go home."

Britney said she's gonna win HOH next for sure.

Brendon is making it sound like he's gonna put up Matt.

Brendon: "I trust you and your word that you won't put me up on the block next week if you win HOH."

BB calls for an outside lockdown. Time for the Veto Ceremony shortly!!

Stay tuned...

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