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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Evening in the BB House

Good evening guys & dolls!! Wow, that was a great episode of BB tonight!! :D Finally got to see Brendon's vacation, and y'all that don't have the live feeds finally got to see the Ragan VS Rachel fight!!

Let's see what the HG's are up to tonight in the good ol' BB house. ;)

Currently on the live feeds...

6:42pm BBT:
Pool Table

The boys are playing some pool. (They're not playing the pool tournament yet, just messing around.)

Kathy is doing laundry.

Lane just told Hayden that he made Britney cry a little bit ago.

Lane: "I told her that she talks about (her fiance) Nick so much, that he's playing the game!"
Hayden: *laughs*
Lane: "Then she took off cryin'."

Pool resumes.

Hayden: "Nice shot."

6:53pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Ironically, Britney is in the Have Not's room talking about..yep..Nick. lol

Ragan and Brit Brit are both saying they'd love to win HOH just so that they could get a letter from home.

7:09pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Enzo is showing the boys & us feed watchers the note he got from the sabatour (Ragan).

Ragan asked him where it was. (**Way to play it off, Ragan. lol)

Enzo said the letter he got is "fun" because it was something new and interesting.

Enzo: "We were up at 4 in the morning talkin' about it."

**For those of you new to the blog, Enzo got a note from the sab that reads "I know your secret." earlier today. Everyone thinks Kathy is the sab. lol

Ragan said he thinks they'll get another sab video tonight or tomorrow because they've been getting 3 video messages per week so far, and they've only had 2 so far this week.

Matt has left the room.
Lane enters a few minutes later.

Enzo shows him the note again.

Lane: (whispering) "I know what you did last summer." (*LOL)
Enzo: "I wonder how much I could get for this on ebay."
Ragan: "You'd have to sign the back."
Lane: "Want me to sign it?"

As Ragan leaves, he raps to the camera.

Enzo: "BB12!! Comin' atcha!!"
Ragan leaves.
Enzo: "Best season eva! Wanna know why? (talking to the cam) Because the Meow Meow is on it. That's why. I don't even need to win a competiton! I'll get down to the Final 4..."

Enzo: "...then I'll win a competition or two. *grabs note* They know my "secret" and I'm STILL gonna win this game!"

7:32pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Hayden: "What are we doing tomorrow?"
Enzo: "We could put up Britney with Kathy (if we win HOH)."
Hayden: "Yeah."
Enzo: "Or we could put up Brendon/Britney. F**k it. Let'em fight to the death."

Brendon comes out to tell the boys that he roasted red peppers for the burgers that he just made, in case they wanted any. Game talk stops.

7:49pm BBT:

Matt is saying that he thinks the audience tomorrow night will be cheering "BRA-GADE!" if Matt "somehow" stays.

Matt: "They'll be like 'Finally the did something right!'"
They both laugh.

7:52pm BBT:
Pool Table
Ragan/Lane/Britney (watching)

The Pool Tournament has begun!! Ragan and Lane are playing against each other, as Britney sits on the sidelines complaining about how miserable she is from being on slop all week & how happy she is that it ends tomorrow.

Ragan lost.

Ragan: "Oh thank god. I'm so over this game." (*LOL)

7:57pm BBT:

Lane went over and told Hayden that he won.

Hayden: "1 and 0 now?"
Lane: "Mmm hmm."
Hayden: "Enzo might have a power, dude."
Lane: "You think he has a power?"Hay
Hayden: "He could. If anyone, it could be him. he's got fans."
Lane: "We gotta get some fans. How do we get some fans?"
Hayden: "He keeps getting his a** kicked in comps, so people feel bad for him."
Lane: "You think he'd use it this week?"
Hayden: "He might."

Lane: "?"Who would you want out if you won HOH
Hayden: "Brit."
Lane: "Yea. She's a lot sneakier than Ragan."

8:04pm BBT:

It's now Brit Brit VS Hayden in tonight's Pool Tournament.

8:05pm BBT:

Matt trimmed up Enzo's hair for him.

Another satisfied customer leaves the BB Barbershop. :P

Enzo: "This sh*t is MONEY!!"

8:17pm BBT:
Kitchen Area

The boys are discussing who is gonna play who next in tonights pool tournament.

Hayden walks in and Matt tells him that Brendon (who cooked dinner for everyone except the Have Not's of course because they're on slop) did all the dishes except for the Have Not dishes.

Matt: "He's such a two year old."
Britney walks in and Matt points it out to her.

Britney: "Are you serious? Well, I'm gonna wait until he clears out the bell peppers out of the sink."

Ragan walks in, Britney tells him about the dishes.

Matt: "He's such a baby."

**Okie dokie, my lil addicts..I'm outty for the night! I need to re-charge my blogging battery. lol See y'all in the morning with The Overnighter!! :D Until then, enjoy watching the live feeds!! (It's the last night in the BB house for...well, someone. We'll find out who tomorrow night after Matt uses the Diamond Veto! ;) hehe)

Stay tuned...

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