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Monday, August 16, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans!! Ughh, it's Monday...the least popular day of the week. lol :P But there's some exciting stuff going on in the BB world to help keep us all entertained and amused, and all of it courtesy of the live feeds!! :D

Last night, the HG's got another saboteur message, this one said:

"Tomorrow, you will play a competition that could change the course of the game."

I'll cover more of that in the Overnighter.

Also, if you've been away all weekend or if you're new to the blog (Welcome!!), then don't forget to check out what happend on Saturday & Saturday Night!! Rachel was brought back into the house for 24 hrs, Brendon was M.I.A. during Rachel's visit, and all of that was because Brendon opened up Pandora's Box. Brendon got a vacation spa day, as Rachel was the "something bad" that was unleashed into the house. lol

Okie dokie, let me go gather up the Overnighter!! I'll start posting it in sections.

**The HG's are already up for the day, making me normal 2 hours to cover the Overnighter impossible. So let's do some major cliffnotes this morning:

*The HG's received 13 messages (according to Ragan) from the sabatour all night, here are some of them:

"HGs, wake up, wake up!"
"HGs, expect the unexpected!"
"HGs, am I keeping you up?"
"HGs, your time is running out!"
"HGs, eviction really aren't that bad."
"HGs, are you having nightmares about me?"
"HGs, is insomnia really that bad"?
"HGs, I suggest you say goodbye tonight!"
"HGs, who do you trust in tomorrow's competition?"
"HG's I hope you said your prayers tonight."
"HG's, Could someone be leaving tomorrow?"

(The messages were played all night, keeping HG's from getting good sleep, or any sleep at all.)

*Brendon is still undecided about the renom today: either Matt or Britney. Kathy's been pushing for Britney, while Enzo/Hayden have been pushing for both Matt & Britney, even though they really want Matt up & out this week.

*Matt told Hayden/Enzo/Lane that he "struck a deal" with Brendon to not be the renom.

Starting the Morning report right now!!

Stay tuned...
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