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Monday, August 16, 2010

Afternoon in the BB House

At 11:00am BBT, the live feeds went to bubbles. The HG's are on outside lockdown, and the Veto Ceremony is about to begin! Once the feeds come back, I'll post the spoiler below.

Obviously, Ragan (winner of the POV) is gonna pull himself off. Brendon has been going back and forth on who should be the renom: Matt or Britney. After Brendon/Britney's talk just a little bit ago, Brendon made it pretty much clear that he's gonna put up Matt. We'll see if that's what happens!!

11:38am BBT:
Feeds are back!!

The Renom is:


Matt is acting like he's for sure going home, not even hinting that he might be safe. (Now that Matt is the renom, he will definitely use the Diamond Power of Veto on Thursday night. Matt will get to take himself off the block and replace ONE nomination to take his spot on the block).

11:44am BBT:
Cabana Room

Matt is telling Enzo/Hayden that he thinks "somebody" in the house has a "special power" and will hopefully use it to save him this week.

Enzo: "Yea, well..I don't sh*t." (**LOL)

(Matt is basically telling the boys to stay calm down, keep hope alive, and that there's probably a secret power that will save him.)

He told the boys to continue to keep the Brigade a secret.

Matt leaves.
Ragan enters & looks devastated because (he thinks) his best friend in the house is going home.

Enzo/Hayden are acting like they're upset that Matty was the renom today while Ragan is around.

Ragan is throwing Brendon under the bus to Hayden/Enzo. He said that Brendon said made a deal with Matt and that Brendon TRIED to make a deal with Ragan this morning. (**Wow. lol)

Ragan: "He is NOT a man of his word!"

Ragan leaves.
Lane comes to the door of the Cabana Room.

Hayden/Enzo told Lane how Matt said to keep the Brigade a secret and that he thinks someone in the house has a secret power.

Britney comes in and they ask her if she thinks anyone in the house has a "secret power" and she said no.

They all talk about how they think Rachel was the sab.

Britney: "At least we can all relax this week."

12:14pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Matt told Ragan that he's gonna be "chill" all week but that doesn't mean he's not fighting to get off the block.

Matt goes inside and joins the Cabana Crew.

Ragan has no joined the Cabana Crew.

They're talking about Brendon getting the boot out next week, the possibility of a double eviction on Thursday, and how tired they are today from the sab keeping them up all night.

Meanwhile, up in the HOH room...

Brendon is napping.

Back downstairs...

Kathy is napping in the Sunset Room.

Back in the Cabana Room...
12:36pm BBT:
The Cabana Crew are talking about Kathy making it to the Final 2. Britney said she'd only vote for Kathy to win BB if she was up against Brendon.

Britney said she's gonna go take a nap outside.
She exits.
Ragan exits as well.

The Brigade talk:

Matt is, again, telling the boys that he thinks someone has a secret power in the house and hopefully it'll be used on him.

Matt said that he thinks America voted a power to someone in the house.

Matt: "We just gotta hope, that's all we got!"
Enzo: "Next week, we gotta make power moves."

12:46pm BBT:
Backyard Couch
'The Mean Girls'

They're talking about it'd be "so great!" if Brendon goes home next week. Britney said she misses her fiance Nick.

Feeds auto-switch to...

12:48pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Matt just went to the Diary Room.

Enzo: "Okay, so what are we doin'?"

The boys agree that they have to get Matt out.

12:55pm BBT:
Enzo: "This is the most that Matty has talk to us in 2 weeks!"
Hayden: "Because he needs our votes."

A look at the feeds:

*Britney is swimming... Matt/Lane are poolside. (Lane's doing crunches)
*Hayden and Enzo are sleeping in the Cabana Room.

2:58pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

All 4 feeds are on the boys:

Matt: "God, I just wanna fast-forward the next 3 days instead of wasting my life away in here."
Lane: "I know."
Lane: "So, Brendon said he's playing for Rachel?"
Matt: "Yea! It's a broad he met a month & a half ago! Give me a break!"
Lane: "Mmm hmm."

3:12pm BBT:
Palm Bedroom

Ragan is upset and crying a little bit. He's upset because (he thinks) Matt is going home this week.

Ragan is saying that Brendon & Rachel thought they were targets because they were a couple, when really they were targeted for being "mean".

Ragan: "Matt is a wonderful, wonderful man!"

Ragan starts talking about how he has 3 brothers, and then...bubbles. lol :P

Feeds come back and Ragan is telling Kathy about his convo with Brendon this morning.

3:39pm BBT:
Brendon/Lane/Ragan/Matt are roaming around the house.

Hayden is up & about now as well.

Stay tuned...
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