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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Evening Show @ 8pm EST

Good afternoon, BB fans!! :D Well, Rachel is out of the house and Brendon is back in!! The Brigade (well, the *new* Brigade of Hayden/Enzo/Lane) are going back & forth to determine if they want Matt out this week or Britney. It's gonna be a crazy week on the live feeds!!

Brendon came back in the house through the HOH door. He said he got a massage but then the feeds went to bubbles. The only other specifics from Brendon's "vacation" was that he had a private chef and he was blindfolded in a car.

Kathy/Enzo had a talk on the BY couch around 1:45pm BBT. Both agreed that they want Britney out. Enzo said he's gonna tell Brendon that Rachel "doesn't care" which one goes home this week: Britney or Matt and let him make the decision.

That's all we missed this afternoon! :D Okay, meet me back here at 7pm EST when I'll open the Chat Room and then watch tonight's show at 8pm EST!

*Enter the Chat Room*

**To watch the East Coast showing, Click Here!! :D

See ya then!! Until then, enjoy the feeds! ;)

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