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Friday, August 20, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, ya'll!! Happy Friday!! :D The weekend is just about here w00t w00t!! Okay, just to recap from yesterday:

Matt used the Diamond Power of Veto to take himself off the block. He then named Kathy as the renom, and out the door Kathy went. At the end of the show, Julie Chen said this Thursday will be a Double Eviction. A Double Eviction will go like this: votes, eviction, HOH comp, nominations, POV comp, veto ceremony, votes, eviction, another HOH comp. So we will see 2 HG's get evicted this week. Britney, who is the current HOH this week, won't be able to play for the 1st round in the Double Eviction, and I have a feeling she just might get the big ol' BB boot in the butt and get sent packing. It'll be an interesting week for sure!!

Today are nominations, so we'll see just who Britney will put up on the block and who is her target (which is Brendon, I'm sure. lol)

Okie dokie, let me go take a look at the Flashback Feeds and see what all happened last night!!

8:00pm BBT:
Pool Table

This convo will set the stage for this week & maybe even for the rest of the game (as far as the Brigade is concerned.)

Matt: "You guys (Enzo/Hayden) tried to kick me out of the brigade this week."
Enzo: "No. You said if we split the votes to.."
Matt: "You a**holes." (laughing)
Enzo: "If Kathy was voting to keep you, then we would have proposed that to Lane."
Matt: "...kicked out of the BG (Brigade). Stepped on like nothin'."

8:06pm BBT:

Matt: "Enzo's never been on the block. He needs a taste."
Britney: "I know. Yea, that's kind of the route I was thinking of taking."

10:40pm BBT:
HOH Room
All HG's

Britney got her HOH room! In her HOH basket, she got a Lady Gaga CD, Nick's blanket, Lucky Charms, pop tarts, shampoo & conditioner, and hamburger helper. She got a hoodie and a Razorback shirt.

She got a letter from her mom (not Nick), though her mom did mention that Nick misses her and he's been super busy with work.

Lane left a few minutes after Britney read her letter. All other HG's stayed up in the HOH room.

Britney showed off her pictures.

*NOTE: For those of you wondering, Hayden won last nights Pool Tournament. lol Matt said that the Billiard Bowl should be auctioned off for charity at the end of the season.

12:18am BBT:

Ragan said that his week was "eye opening" and "very telling". Matt agrees. Matt said that Hayden was honest and straight up with him before the live eviction but he didn't like the way Enzo told him.

Matt said that he felt that Enzo "bullshi**ed around" with telling Matt that he was leaving, and that tells him (Matt) a lot. (**Sound like Matt is not happy with Enzo at all.)

Matt said he'd love a 4 person alliance of: Matt/Ragan/Lane/Hayden. (Earlier in the night, Ragan talked to the live feeds and said he doesn't trust Hayden at all & would like a 4 person alliance of Matt/Ragan/Lane/Britney.)

Talk turns to getting Brendon out this week.

12:34am BBT:

Before Brendon came out of the bathroom, Enzo was telling Hayden that he thinks he's going up on the block next to Brendon this week.

Brendon comes out and starts talking to the boys about this weeks POV comp. Brendon knows he's going up on the block and he's telling them to not throw each other under the bus.

Enzo: "We won't throw you under the bus, don't you throw us under the bus."

1:14am BBT:
Backyard Couch

Enzo: "I'm pretty sure it's gonna be me & this f**kin' dodo (Brendon) over here. Whatever, man. It is what it is."

Enzo is more concerned about the POV comp. She's wondering who Brit would renom if Brendon won the POV.

Lane said he'll tell Britney (to scare her) that if she puts up anyone else but Ragan as a renom if Brendon wins, then she's gonna have 3 strong people gunning for her.

1:45am BBT:
Palm Bedroom

Lane told Hayden that Britney would put up Ragan as a renom (if Brendon wins POV) before she put him (Hayden) up.

Lane: "(Brit) wants a Final 3 deal with me, you, and her."

1:53am BBT:
HOH Room

Britney wanted to do another "Just The Tip" show last night, so they all went upstairs and had Matt as the "guest" for having/using his Diamond Veto. They talked about how "Kathy's Corner" is no more, since she got the boot. lol :P If you're a fan of their show, catch it on the Flashback Feeds starting at 1:53am BBT.

2:28am BBT:
Sunset Room

Enzo asked Matt if it was Enzo/Ragan on the block, who would he vote to keep. Matt said Enzo and that he (Matt) has been with the Brigade since Day 1. They go over what happened (Matt using the DPOV).

Enzo said that if he wins HOH, he's putting Britney up on the block. Matt, again, says he's with the Brigade all the way and they need to get to Fina 4 together.

Enzo said he's ready for the POV and he's gonna fight his hardest to win it, if he's on the block or not.

Enzo: "I'm ready, bro! I'm ready! I don't give a f**k, bro!"

Matt said he'll take Ragan to the Final 5, but then that's it. They both go over (again) about how Matt can't nominate Ragan if he wins HOH, just like Lane can't nominate Britney if he wins the other Brigade members are gonna have to 'take care of them'.

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! So it looks like it's gonna be Brendon/Enzo on the block today. We'll find out for sure after today's Nomination Ceremony! :D I'll be starting the morning post shortly!

(Keep refreshing every 10-20 mins...)

Stay tuned...

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