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Friday, August 20, 2010

Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB House

Good morning/afternoon!! The HG's have had a slow start to their day today. Lots of laying around, relaxing, etc. Today the HG's will have their Have Not's comp and also Nominations later on today, where more than likely we will see Brendon & Enzo up on the block (with Enzo being the pawn). Matt is the one who suggested to Britney to put up Enzo so that he gets a "taste" of being on the block.

During the Nominations Ceremony, I will post this weeks article from Drew the Big Brother Cynic! :D If you haven't yet read his other articles, scroll down and look on the left side of the blog for "BB Cynic Articles". Good stuff!! ;)

This whole week is about who will win the POV tomorrow. If Brendon doesn't win, Brendon goes home. If Brendon does win it, then let the games and drama begin! ;)

Currently on the live feeds...

11:20am BBT:
Living Room
All HG's

The HG's were waiting for Britney to come out of the Diary Room to start the Have Not's comp.

Britney: "Who's ready to play the Have Nots competiton!!!"

All HG's were quiet, as Matt asked if the theme was Little Bo Peep or Wizard of Oz (due to her costume). lol

Mike O.: (Production) "Awww come on guys! Where's the excitement?"
Matt: "We're supposed to be excited about a Have Not's comp? Tell me what I'm missing here.."

Britney goes back into the Diary Room hallway, then comes out again...

Britney: "Who's ready to play the Have Nots competition!!!"

All HG's clap and do "woo hoo!!" screams. lol :P

Then we get trivia on the feeds.

As soon as the feeds come back, I'll resume posting!

1:10pm BBT:
Feeds still on trivia...

1:11pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

The Have Not's got broccoli & bean dip.

Brendon, Hayden, Enzo are Have Not's for the week.

1:15pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Enzo said he likes broccoli, Brendon said it's really good grilled.

BB gives us a shot of the broccoli and bean dip as Brendon goes into the kitchen to get some water:

Matt came out of the Diary Room and said that they fixed his diamond veto for him.

The HG's got a grill as well.

All HG's are sitting around in the living room.

They wonder if the grill they won is a propane or charcoal. Most HG's think it'll be a propane grill.

Britney gets up to clear her stuff out of the Have Not's room. Lane gets up and goes into the kitchen.

1:30pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Brendon said that he doesn't wanna pretend to be "their" best friends when he's not. He gets up and leaves, saying that he wants to talk to Britney before she takes a nap.

Enzo is left in the room alone...Britney pops her head in and tells Enzo that she's telling everyone in the house to feel free to talk to her upstairs in the HOH room before today's nominations. Enzo said okay, and then as soon as she left, motioned with his hand to 'get outta here'. He mumbled to himself that he doesn't wanna talk to her and doesn't care that he gets put up on the block.

1:36pm BBT:
Palm Bedroom

Lane, who was in the Have Not's room with Enzo talking for a minute (about Brendon saying he's gonna throw Matt/Ragan under the bus to Britney in an attempt to keep him and Enzo from being nom'ed), Lane pops his head out and sees Ragan/Hayden.

Lane: "I caught you!"
Hayden: "Doin' what?"
Lane: "Makin' out."
Enzo: (from Have Not's Room) "Brokeback Big Brother".

Talk turns to the Have Not's comp. They had shakes, including a chicken feet shake. (**Omg, so gross!! lol)

Lane: "I think it still had bones in it!"

1:44pm BBT:
HOH Room

Matt's talking about how bad of a game player Brendon is because he's still playing the game for Rachel..someone who's not even in the house anymore.

Britney is saying that she's putting up Brendon. She mentions how Brendon spoke about her fiance Nick on live tv and how upset she was at that.

Britney said she doesn't want to talk to Brendon at all before noms today.

Lane enters.

2:12pm BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon is saying that Britney is disposable and Britney said that nobody has offered her any kind of Final anything deal.

Brendon said she needs to play the game for herself, not for what Matt and Ragan want her to do, especially when they'll get rid of her right away.

Brendon: "If you put me up on the block, I'm gonna fight HARD for that POV! And if I win, I'm coming after you next week."

Brendon is making a very good (and very long! lol) speech about it'd be in Britney's best interest to not nominate him. He told Brit that he's not nominated, stays, and wins HOH, he's gunning after Matt/Ragan...furthering Britney's game by a week. He told her about how Ragan offered a secret alliance with him/Matt/Ragan but that he didn't take the deal because he doesn't trust Matt.

Britney seems to be thinking a lot about what Brendon is saying..or she's great at acting. lol

Brendon: "They're gonna promise you to keep you..and maybe even a Final 4 deal. But they will cut your throat the second the can. You're small like Matt, smart like Ragan...I wouldn't be surprised if they view you as a bigger threat than me."

Britney: "I definitely don't wanna do a Final 3 endurance with them." (laughs)

Brendon leaves.
Britney: (to herself) "Just shoot me." (**She ignored everything Brendon said to her.)

2:41pm BBT:
Hayden comes up next.

Britney told Hayden everything Brendon said. She said her target is still Brendon and as long as he doesn't win POV tomorrow, this week is a cake walk.

3:04pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Enzo: "Matt is sittin' pretty..because he has everyone in the house on his side. Britney is a sneaky bitch. I think she's gonna put you and me up on the block."

3:14pm BBT:
HOH Room

Lane told Brit that he'd like to make a Final 3 with her/him/Hayden. Britney had no response at all.

Lane said that Britney has an easy decision for noms this week. (Brendon/Enzo) He warned her that Enzo will get mad but only because Enzo thinks if he's put on the block, then that person doesn't like him...and he can't think that way.

Enzo comes up.
Britney tells Enzo that it all comes down to anyone BUT Brendon winning the POV tomorrow.

Britney: "That's it!"
Enzo: "That's it. When is it, tomorrow?"
Britney: "Yea."

Enzo is telling Lane and Britney he's stick of getting trapped with Brendon.

Enzo leaves a minute later.

Britney: "What was that?"
Lane: "He was just checkin' in. He'll come back up later and talk to you."

4:46pm BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon is telling Britney that he held true to their deal (of Brendon not putting Brit up, nor did he backdoor her). He also said that if she goes back on her deal (of doing the same for Brendon), then Brit won't have Brendon, Kathy's or Rachel's vote in the Jury House.

Britney said she doesn't want to make anyone upset. Brendon is upset because he can see that she's about to go back on her deal and put him up.

Britney: "I'm not even saying I'm gonna put you up! I'm just telling you whats going through my head. You were considering putting me up even AFTER our deal!"
Brendon: "I was afraid of you going back on your deal! I had Matt and Ragan telling me to put you up!"
Britney: "Can you honestly tell me that?"
Brendon: "Are you kidding me? Yes! If you don't believe then..."
Britney: "It's not that I don't believe you..."

They go back & forth.

Brendon is saying that Matt is the biggest liar in the house and has lied to everyone, and that Ragan was pushing for Britney to go up on the block so that Matt would stay, and same thing with Matt..pushing for Britney so that Matt/Ragan would stay.

Brendon: "The next HOH comp is going to be physical..and you won't be able to fight in it. But I will! You gotta think about that! If you feel more comfortable trusting Matt, then go ahead. I'm here to play a f**king straight game."

Britney: "Matt told me to throw him (Matt) under the bus, and for me to come up here and tell you (Bren) to put him up! And I didn't! I know now it was because he had the Diamond Veto, but.."
Brendon: "Whatever you do this week, will effect you next week!"

Brendon: "Matt is playing this house! And Ragan is hiding behind Matt! And as soon as I'm gone, guess who they're coming after. Those guys are gonna dispose of you as soon as they can."

5:02pm BBT:
HOH Room

After her talk with Brendon, Britney calls up the boys to talk. She's thinking of gunning for first. Enzo was all for it, until Lane said not to, and to get Brendon out this week. Then Enzo changed his tune and agreed with Lane.

Britney keeps saying "the pawn will NOT go home this week! 100%!!"

Britney wants to put him Brendon VS Matt, with Matt as the pawn. She asks the boys for advice on how to approach Matt so that he doesn't get mad at her.

The boys tell her that she's safe next week because they (Hay/Enzo/Lane) have her back.

Lane: "Tell Matt that you need this POV won and so you're putting him up to have a chance to fight for it."
Britney: "If he's like 'don't put me up', then..."
Lane: "He'll wanna go up because he wants to be the one to take Brendon out."

They all agree to not say anything about their convo up in the HOH room. Enzo said to tell Brendon that they have no idea what's going on.

Enzo/Lane leave.
Hayden stays behind.

Hayden said he thinks Matt should go up, too.

Britney leaves to go find Matt to talk to him real quick before Nominations.

Britney: "Gremlin..I need to talk to you real quick..let's go to the Storage Room.."

BB: "Britney, please go to the Diary Room."

Britney ignores BB.
BB: "Britney..."

Feeds cut to bubbles right away.

Stay tuned...
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