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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Afternoon/Early Evening in the BB House

Good afternoon, BB fans!! It's been a slow day on the feeds. Lots of napping, lounging, and chilling out all over the BB house. Very little game talk. Everyone is anxiously awaiting for Thursday night's live eviction, and so am I!! I wanna see the looks on everyones faces when Matt uses the Diamond Power of Veto and takes himself off the block. hehe ;)

Quick Afternoon Recap:
*The HG's are on lockdownn as of 2:56pm BBT.
*Hayden told Lane that the only chance in a Final 2 scenario would be with Brendon or Kathy.
*Kathy is happy because now she can feed the BB house fishies twice a day now. (She was really upset over just feeding them once a day. No, seriously.)
*Matt is pissed that BB didn't catch the message that Rachel left behind in the HOH room. (Pretzel sticks that spelled out "Matt", indicating that she wanted Matt evicted this week.) BB told Matt that they're re-evaluating the rules for future seasons.
*Enzo asked Matt flat-out if he had some sort of "power" and Matt played it off and said "No."

Currently on the live feeds...

3:17pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Hayden just told Matt that he has some sort of special power from Pandora's Box. Matt played it off.

Matt: "Even if I had one, I couldn't tell you."

Enzo is now making fun of Brendon.

Enzo: "He has the weirdest body I've ever seen, man! Dude wanted to get out of the house and we were like okay..and kept him."

Everyone laughs.

3:21pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Ragan and Britney are taking a nap at the moment.

Switching feeds back to...

The lockdown is now over.

Matt/Hayden think that if America got to vote on any sort of power, that Enzo would be the one to get it since he's the most popular HG. (When Rachel was back in the house, she told the HG's that everyone "loves Enzo".)

4:05pm BBT:
The boys are going over all the sab messages.

Matt: "Houseguests, did you miss me? Houseguests, did you say your prayers?"
Hayden: "Houseguests, someone will be going home..."
Matt: "Houseguests, time is running out..."

Switching feeds to...

4:06pm BBT:

**I switched feeds in mid-convo, so I'm not sure why Enzo is bitching about Ragan so much.

Enzo: "Put me in a f**king ring with Ragan and let me fight him for HOH! He's more of a bitch than most of the girls (in here)!"

Feeds auto-switch to...

All 4 feeds are now on Hayden/Matt in the Cabana Room, still going over the saboteur messages.

Talk turns to the Brigade. Matt said that he's fought hard for the Brigade and then he talks about where he stands with Ragan:

Matt: "(Ragan) is an awesome asset to us, but when he needs to go, then he needs to go. I'm for the Brigade all the way."

Matt continues.

Matt: "I've been Brigade since Day 1 and I plan on being Brigade until Day 80 if I get that far."

Matt said he thinks everyone loves the Brigade because he can hear people in the background in the diary room.

BB: "You are not allowed to talk about production!"

They both laugh.

4:27pm BBT:
The boys start to leave the cabana room.

Check out this interview with Nick, Britney's fiance, courtesy of!! :D

5:08pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Matt is still super pissed about the whole pretzel message that Rachel left behind for Brendon.

Matt: "Britney should have been on the block, not me. If Kathy would have told me (about the pretzel message)..."

Ragan sounds like he's crying. He asked if "they" (BB) were apologetic for letting the pretzel message slip by.

Matt: "Yea, for future seasons."
..then we get bubbles.

(BB told Matt that they're going to re-evaluate the rules regarding messages for future seasons.)

Matt said he told Hayden that if he (Matt) stays in the house, Brendon is going down in flames.

They move into the Have Not's room for more privacy.

Matt said he'd give Brendon his vote if he (Bren) made it to the Final 2 just because it's pretty much impossible for Brendon to get that far.

Matt: "I'd give him kudos (for making it that far in the game) and I'd give him my vote for the money."

Matt also said that this season is full of HG's that don't wanna make any moves in the game.

A minute later, they leave the Have Not's room.

5:31pm BBT:

*Britney/Enzo are shooting pool.
*Ragan is working out.
*Hayden/Brendon/Lane are watching.

6:02pm BBT:

Britney/Matt are now playing each other in tonight's pool tournament.

Enzo: "This game is takin' forever!"

Ragan is still working out, if you were wondering. :P

6:17pm BBT:
Enzo & Lane are now playing pool in the pool tournament.

Lane won!

Lane: "I KILLED you!"
Brendon: "Four time champ (Lane) go down?"
Lane: "Yep."

Hayden just beat Britney in the pool tournament.
Next up, Lane VS Matt.

Hayden & Enzo are watching from the sidelines. :)

Lane won.

Next up, Brendon VS Enzo.

**Alrighty, boys & girls. I'm outta here for the night. I'll meet y'all back here tomorrow for the Morning Report when the HG's wake up. Until then, enjoy the live feeds!! :D

Stay tuned...

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