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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans!! Today is Wednesday, which means that Brendon will get the HOH camera and take some pics, and it also means that the live show is tomorrow!! w00t w00t!!! Matt will use the Diamond Power of Veto to take himself off the block, and replace himself with another HG. The house is crazy with alliance and side alliances, and everyone is talking smack on's enough to make a sane person crazy!! lol I'm very interested to see some Diary Room sessions tomorrow so we can see where everyone's head is truly at. :)

The HG's were up till 5am BBT (8am EST), so we'll have plenty of time to cover the Overnighter this morning. Let's get the Overnighter going, shall we? ;)

Note: Hayden won last night's pool tournament, in case you were wondering. :)

8:25pm BBT:
Cam 1

BB let us watch the sabatour in action last night on live feeds. Ragan had a note (for Enzo) that he needed to plant under Enzo's pillow.

Ragan makes sure that the coast is clear...

Ragan attempts to leave the note...

..then chickens out.

Ragan: "I can't do this. I can't."
Ragan walks away.

He walks out, takes a second to think, and then goes along with the mission.

The letter read: "I know your secret".

**The Overnighter is gonna be a long one, so there's gonna be some cliffnotes, mixed in with details convos and a lot of screencaps today.

8:36pm BBT:
Backyard Couch
Cams 1 & 2

The boys were talking about getting Brendon out next week and to put Brendon up next to either Hayden or Enzo. Matt said that neither (Enzo/Hay) have been fighting for their lives in the game and the only way to do make them, is by putting them up on the block.

Matt: "You know when you're on the block, you fight for your life to win that veto!"

Matt says they need people to bust their "f**king a**" in this upcoming veto, to ensure that Brendon doesn't win it & then goes home.

8:52pm BBT:
Hammock Area

Enzo told Lane about how Matt told him earlier in the night that Matt would vote for Brendon if he made it to Final 2. (**I covered that convo in the Afternoon/Evening post).

Lane told Enzo he thinks that Matt told Ragan to watch out for Lane/Enzo/Hayden because they're in a 3 person alliance. Enzo agreed.

9:53pm BBT:
Kitchen Area

The two wrestled and played around in the kitchen.

10:02pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Ragan just out of the Diary Room. He said his goodbye message to Matt in the D.R. became very sad/upset and started crying. Kathy and Matt went to cheer him up.

Kathy makes a joke about Ragan/Matt being in a relationship together and to stop trying to hide it. The boys both laugh.

10:36pm BBT:
Ragan told Matt that he wants to tell Enzo that voting to keep to Lane in the house is like voting to keep Britney in the house. (He knows Enzo wants Britney gone, so he wants to use that to his advantage.) Enzo told Matt earlier him (Enzo) and Hayden will split the votes: Enzo will vote for Lane, and Hayden will vote for Matt.

Talk turns to how Brendon wants to go to Final 2 with Kathy and how hard of a choice it'd be for the jury to make. They go on to say that they'd vote for Kathy in that scenario.

11:55pm BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon & Enzo both said that they think that if Britney wins HOH this week, that she'll put both of them (Enzo/Brendon) up on the block. Brendon told Enzo to fight for HOH this week. Brendon said that he made a deal with Britney this week that he wouldn't nominate or backdoor her, if she returned the favor next week & that they both agreed to it...but Brendon doesn't trust Brit.

Enzo said he's gonna fight hard for HOH because he wants to get a letter from home so bad. Enzo went on to say that if he (Enzo) can't win HOH this week, then he wants Hayden or Lane to win it.

They both then started to bash Britney.

Brendon leaves the HOH room.
Hayden enters as Brendon exits.

12:03am BBT:
HOH Room

Enzo is mocking Brendon for talking smack on Britney. They both get a laugh out of it.

Enzo told Hayden how he (Enzo) went into the Cabana Room and Matt/Ragan were in there and Matt asked Enzo "So you and Hayden still split?".

Enzo: "Right in front of Ragan! Why is he talkin' like that in front of Ragan for?"
Hayden: "Right in front of Ragan?"
Enzo: "Yea!"
Enzo: "I asked Matt if I win HOH, what should I do. He was like 'Well, if I was you, I wouldn't win HOH. I'd let Ragan or Britney (win it).' I was like if Britney wins HOH, who do you think she's putting up next to Brendon on the block! You think Matt is telling Ragan that I don't like Britney, yo?"
Hayden: "So you think if Brendon wins POV, it'll be one of us going up? Me, you, or Lane?"
Enzo: "Yeah. Cuz we're the athletic ones and we're not winning anything."

Enzo: "Brendon is taking us to the Final 3! He hates everyone (else) in this house. Lane..he'd take Lane, but he's scared to approach him."

Enzo: "If (we win HOH), we could just put up Britney against Kathy!"
Hayden: "We have to play to win. If we don't put up Brendon, we're gonna lose votes in the jury. We'll lose Britney's vote, Ragan's vote, potentially Matty's vote."
Enzo: "But we'd have Brendon & Rachel, and the Brigade to back us up!"
Hayden: "You think Matt is gonna vote for us?"
Enzo: "As long as Ragan or Brendon isn't in the Final 2, Matt has to vote for us! And then Kathy would be the 4th vote!"

Enzo goes on to say that once it gets down to Final 4, then they can get Brendon out and just tell him it's 'everyone for themselves' at that point.

Enzo: "Lane could get him out if he won HOH. F**k it!"

Enzo said he doesn't wanna get rid of Brendon (right now) because Brendon is being very loyal to him and Hayden & there's no reason to get him out right now.

They discuss if they (Hay/Enzo) wins HOH this week, they'll put up Ragan/Britney, with Britney being the target.

1:47am BBT:
HOH Room

They all agree to get Britney out ASAP, and that they wanna get Lane over to "their" side.

They also did some quizzing for upcoming HOH mental comps. Kathy didn't know sh*t & that made Enzo laugh. lol

2:07am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Ragan asked Matt if he thought it was weird that Enzo/Hayden are hanging out with Brendon a lot now and Matt said yea & that it worries him.

2:19am BBT:
Lane told Hayden that he (Hayden) is not on Britney/Ragan's "radar". They're gunning after Brendon/Kathy..then Enzo..then Hayden.

Hayden: "So Final 3 with me, you and Britney then?"
Lane: *shrugs as if to say its doable*

2:20am BBT:
Lane told Enzo that Brit/Ragan/Matt want Brendon/Kathy gone.

Lane/Enzo are still wondering if they should tell Matt that he's going home tomorrow (Thurs).

3:45am BBT:
Sunset Room
Kathy (sleeping)/Enzo

Enzo went to go to bed and found the note that the sab (Ragan) left him.

Enzo: "What the f**k is this? ..."I know your secret." *laughs* Ohhh sh*t!"

Enzo shows Hayden.

Lane gets up and joins Enzo/Hayden and shows him the note.

Enzo: "This has gotta be from BB, man. Secret?? What secret?"

Enzo finds it more funny than anything. lol

By 4:25am BBT, Matt/Enzo/Lane/Ragan/Hayden/Britney are all in the Cabana Room discussing who the sab could be.

Enzo thinks it's Kathy because the light was on in the Sunset Room when Enzo went in there to go to bed. Britney thinks the light was maybe on so that Kathy could see as she planted the note. Enzo also thinks it's Kathy because of the whole pretzel message thing in the HOH room (telling Brendon to get Matt out this week). Ragan said it might be Brendon since he was the last person to exit the house earlier during an outside lockdown. (**Way to shift the heat into his direction, Ragan. lol)

Britney said that it'd make sense for Kathy to take the offer to be the sab because she knows she has no chance of winning the game.

5:07am BBT:
They're all convinced that Kathy is the sab. Enzo asked if maybe Kathy should be the next one to get evicted, Ragan said no because Brendon is more "evil" than Kathy.

And that's (finally!) it for the Overnighter! Wow, whatta doozy!! :P As of 10am BBT, BB is waking up the HG's. I'll be starting the Morning post shortly!!

Stay tuned...

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