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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fanatics!! Today is FINALLY live show day!! :D Tonight's show is gonna be great, I can't wait!!

Okay, since I'm running a little behind today on the Overnighter, I'm just gonna dive right on in!

9:05pm BBT:
Pool Table
Hayden/Enzo/Brendon (watching)/Lane (in Hammock)

Hayden was playing against Enzo in last nights pool tournament and was getting frustrated with not playing so good.

Hayden: (to Lane in hammock) "GOD!! I suck!!"

Enzo takes a shot and misses.
Hayden then takes his turn and misses.

Hayden then gets pissed and takes his pool cue and hits the other 3 pool cues that were upright by the Billiard Bowl.

Enzo: "Whoaaa SH*T!!!"
Hayden: " was an accident." (*LOL)

Hayden said he has to go into the Diary Room and tell'em (production) that it was an accident.

Brendon: "Well Showtime (viewers), there's your entertainment for the night."
Enzo: "Didn't you see the pool sticks there?"
Hayden: "Yea! But I didn't think I was gonna hit'em."
Enzo: "You were two feet away from them!"

10:01pm BBT:
Hammock Area

Enzo picked up a bug and scared with Britney with it, making her fall out of the hammock..HARD!! lol

Britney: *screams & falls backwards*
Enzo: "Ohh SH*T!!!"
Ragan: (from across the backyard) "That was...AWESOME!"
Everyone laughs.

11:08pm BBT:
HOH Room

After some quizzing of events in the house, talk turns to if Lane has a crush on Britney.

Brendon: "You think Lane has a crush on Britney?"
Hayden: "No. I don't so think so. Enzo, you think Lane has a crush on Brit?"
Enzo: "Lane could have a crush on her, he ain't f**kin' engaged! Who knows! But she's gotta watch out, yo! She's f**kin' engaged!"
Hayden: "I don't think he does."
Enzo: "I mean, I think he'd f**k her if she wasn't engaged. He won't wife that, but he'd probably chip it up!"

Enzo asked Hayden if Britney was single if he would "chip it up" (with Brit) and Hayden said no because he's way too picky. Brendon said he'd have to be drunk and she couldn't be talking a lot. (*lol ouch!)

Brendon then back-peddles a bit and says that Brit is cute and has a nice body, but no ass.

Enzo: "Yea, no ass at all."

12:08am BBT:
Matt was a little frustrated that Enzo/Hayden were spending so much time with Brendon last night. (Hay/Bren/Enzo were going over house events for todays HOH mental comp).

Matt says he thinks Hay/Enzo will throw todays HOH comp. Britney agreed with Matt.

12:40am BBT:
Kathy told Matt that she's been crying because she has a "gut feeling" that something is wrong. Kathy is worried that something is wrong at home.

1:35am BBT:
Cabana Room
The Brigade

Matt says he was the Brigade to go the whole way to the end. They all talked about not ever throwing the brigade under the bus. Matt said he'd punch whoever outed the Brigade as they left the house. lol

A little Kathy bashing follows. They talked about how lazy she is. (Ironically, she's the one who cleans the house and makes all the beds for the HG's everyday.)

Lane: "She is so lazy that when she pulls someone over to give'em a ticket, she drives up to their window!"

By 2am, they're going over stuff that Hay/Enzo went over with Brendon up in the HOH room. (House events, timelines, etc.)

Matt & Enzo both said that it'd be "ideal" if Ragan won HOH tomorrow because he'd put up Brendon/Kathy, with Brendon being the target of course.

2:27am BBT:
The Brigade decide to go do a Diary Room session together (since they think Matt is leaving tomorrow.)

Their D.R. session ended around 2:45am BBT.

3:20am BBT:
Sunset Room

Enzo & Hayden agreed to tell Matt today before the live show that he's leaving. They plan on telling them together.

**That's it for the Overnighter!! Starting a new post shortly! :D

Stay tuned...

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