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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Morning in the BB House

Good morning & Happy Sunday to y'all!! (Gosh, is it really Sunday already? Holy moly did the weekend fly by!!) The HG's were woken up by BB at 9am BBT.

The feeds have been insane all day yesterday and last night, and I expect today to be just as crazy since Rachel is still in the BB house today!! On top of all of that, the Brigade is no more!! Enzo/Lane/Hayden are now a 3 person alliance and want to get Matt out this week. This is where it'll get interesting...because Matt has the Diamond Veto but can't use it until Thursday nights live eviction show. So, if he is the renom for Ragan's spot on the block, then Matt will take himself off and pick someone to take his place. It's gonna be a crazy week, guys & gals! Buckle up & enjoy the ride!! ;)

Currently on the live feeds...

9:51am BBT:

Rachel, Kathy, and Lane are all up. (Lane isn't in the kitchen at the time). Kathy & Rachel were cooking breakfast in the kitchen and then Rachel was called to the Diary Room. I'm not sure what they told her, but she came out acting like she's being rushed for time. She asked Kathy to finish cooking breakfast so that she can talk to Lane real quick. (Maybe BB needs footage?? and that's why she's rushed? Or pressed for time? Not sure. She didn't say.)

Rachel gets Lane and they go up to the HOH room to talk real quick.

9:54am BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel asked Lane why they were never friends in the house, they talk about Matt being sneaky, who the sab might be, etc.

Lane said that he had a convo with Hayden last night about how sneaky Matt is. Rachel agreed that Matt is sneaky and dangerous.

Rachel also asked Lane what his game strategy is because he's just a cool, chill, nice guy in the house. Lane said he's the same way in the house, as he is outside the house.

Rachel warned Lane to not trust Britney AT ALL and she's gonna tell Lane after Rach leaves today, that she (Rach) was just there to cause drama & etc.

Rachel told Lane that Lane/Hayden/Enzo/Brendon need to team up and take over the house and that all 4 of them can trust each other.

10:14am BBT:
Rachel & Lane are still talking.

Rachel is telling Lane how Ragan threw the Paint Can HOH comp to Matt so that he didn't "get blood on his hands" and he let Matt do all his dirty work.

Rachel: "Ragan is definitely someone to watch out for!"
Lane: "Oh, I know that."

Rachel is telling Lane that they (Hay/Enzo/Lane/Brendon) need to break up Matt/Ragan. Lane thinks once Matt is gone, Ragan will mentally breakdown like he did the other day.

Rachel warns Lane that once Matt is gone, that Britney/Ragan will try to attach themselves to Lane.

10:39am BBT:
A look at all 4 feeds:

Rachel is up in the HOH room getting ready for the day.

Downstairs, Ragan/Lane are talking. Ragan is thinking about staying in his bedroom until Rachel leaves at 3pm BBT.

Lane said that he sucked at last nights pool tournament. (I believe Hayden won the Billiard Bowl last night.)

Lane: "...and I didn't make out with anyone."
Ragan laughs.

Britney walks in.
Lane: "Wanna make out?"

Britney leaves to go get ready for the day in the bathroom. Lane/Ragan talk about the saboteur thing. Lane said he would have took the offer, too. (If they tempted him with a vacation like they think BB did with Brendon).

11:10am BBT:
Lane/Ragan still chit-chatting.

11:18am BBT:
All feeds are on Ragan walking around.

**I'm gonna take a break and wait till the HG's become more alive. lol :P

Stay tuned...

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