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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, y'all!! It's Tuesday which means..well, nothing in the BB house. lol :P (Tomorrow will be HOH pics, then Live Eviction on Thursday).

Okay, so just to catch us up all up to speed:
*Rachel visited the BB house for 24 hours, as BB took Brendon on a 1 day vacation. While she was in the house, she supposedly left a message for Brendon in the HOH room that spelled out "Matt" in pretzels, basically telling Brendon to get Matt out this week. Kathy is the one who told..well..just about everybody about the pretzel message, but is still going around telling people to "not say anything" to anybody. ::shrugs:: I dunno. lol :P

*Enzo/Hayden are still working together to ensure they're safety in the house..with both Brendon and with The Brigade. They're covering all bases. They also plan to vote out Matt on Thursday. They don't know for sure if Matt has a "special power" that could save him, but because Matt keeps telling the boys to not give up hope & to not expose The Brigade "just in case" someone has a special power that could pull him or Lane off the block, it's making them (Lane/Hay/Enzo) think Matt actually has some sort of power.

*Matt/Hayden/Enzo talked yesterday in the Storage Room. Matt was basically seeing where their heads are at. They told him they'd let him either way if he's going home this week, but that they might split the votes (between Hayden/Enzo) and let Kathy be the deiciding vote. Obviously with Matt knowing he's not going anywhere this week, he used this a tactic to see where the boys' loyalties are. (Note: As soon as they all left the storage room, Enzo/Hayden said they need to tell Matt on Thursday that he's getting the boot.)

Alrighty, let me get started on the Overnighter!!

8:57pm BBT:
Pool Table

Enzo: "Seriously, what are we doin' with Matyy, yo?
Hayden: "If Matt has some sort of power, then we can't tell him we're voting for Lane (to stay). What if his power is good for like, 3 weeks? Then he could just pull himself off the block. Because he got SOMETHING upstairs! He didn't get a dollar!
Enzo: "If we go to the Final 5 with (Hay/Lane/Enzo/Britney/Ragan), do we have a f**kin' chance to win this thing?"
Hayden: "Yes!"
Enzo: "Then we'll stick with the plan to get out Brendon, then Kathy."
Hayden: "Yea, that's fine."

They then go back to thinking about getting Brendon out, then Ragan, and going to the Final 5 with Britney/Kathy. (**They're all over the map. lol) Enzo said he's worried about going to F5 w/ Ragan and Britney because they're good in comps.

10:31pm BBT:
Breakfast Bar

Enzo: "Kathy's playing the game!"
Lane: "We gotta get her out."
Enzo: "Yea, man. We gotta stick together. Me, you and Hayden."
Lane: "What's up with Hayden?"
Enzo: "Yea, he's getting too tight with everybody now."
Lane: "Yea! We're gonna have to get'em out." (joking)

They both laugh.

Brendon comes in with the Billiard Bowl.

Enzo: "Oh, sh*t! There's a NEW champ!! Now everyone has officially won a tournament."

11:00pm BBT:
Dining Room Table

The boys were talking about sex: about losing their virginity, anal sex (which each of them have tried with a girl..Enzo said he was terrible at it lol), etc. If you're looking for a good laugh this morning, check it out on the Flashback Feeds!

Lane said he lost his virginity right before he turned 16 yrs old. Enzo said he lost his at around 15 yrs old, and Brendon at 19 yrs old.

11:40pm BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon: "Britney goes around and gossips in this f**kin' house! For her to say that I thought you (Enzo) was the sab, is bullsh*t!"

Enzo said he's pissed that Britney was saying that she thought he was the sab.

Enzo: "Like I'm gonna put a piece of f**kin' tape on a picture..that tape isn't worth $500,000 to me. Get the f**k outta here!"

Brendon: "Britney & Ragan are BOTH so much drama!"
Hayden: "Ridiculous, dude."
Brendon: "And Matt does it just as bad as them! All they do is gossip!"
Enzo: "So basically Matt is just as tight with them (Rag/Brit)."

Brendon said he doesn't like Ragan and that he thinks he's a "level 200 Big Brother black belt player".

Enzo & Hayden both crack up.

Hayden: "To the 3rd degree!"
Brendon: "They think they're the best players in the house!"
Enzo: "They do! They really do!"

12:00am BBT:
HOH Room

The boys are still talking in the HOH room. They start going over the saboteur messages:

"HGs wake up, wake up"
"HGs expect the unexpected"
"HGs did you miss me"
"HGs did you remember to pray"
"HGs someone may be leaving tomorrow"
"HGs am I keeping you up"
"HGs time is running out"
"HGs being evicted is not all that bad"
"HGs have you been having nightmares about me"
"HGs insomnia isn''t that bad is it"
"HGs have you packed your bags yet"
"HGs I recommend you say your goodbyes tonight"
"HGs who can you trust in the competition"
"HGs go to sleep there is no competition"

Talk turns back to Britney/Ragan/Matt. Enzo said that Britney thinks she'll get her way if she cries about things & that she thinks she's gonna win BB. Brendon thinks that if Ragan/Britney win HOH on Thursday, that he'll be put up on the block.

12:16am BBT:
Enzo said he needs like $20,000 to clear his debt out (wifey student loans, and credit card debt). Hayden said he has credit card debt and student loan debt. Brendon said he also has debt he needs to pay off.

Enzo: "Britney doesn't even HAVE debt! She's in the positive!" (basically saying that Britney doesn't need the money like they do.)

Enzo said that Matt is walking around confident and that he (Enzo) thinks that he (Matt) has some sort of power.

12:36am BBT:

Kathy was using her police skills to see if Hayden and Kristen kissed. When she asked Hayden, he said no they didn't kiss.

Kathy: "You're LYING!"
*Kathy wrestles with Hayden*
Hayden: "Kat! KAT!! Kathyyy!!! Get her off me!" (laughing)
Lane: "I didn't kiss nobody!" (*LOL

Alrighty, that's it for the Overnighter! Enzo/Hayden talked (again) about if they should tell Matt before the voting on Thursday if he's going home or not. Hayden is still worried that he might have some sort of power (such as the Diamond Veto that Matt has) and that could screw him (Hayden) and Enzo over.

Starting the morning post shortly! :D

Stay tuned...

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