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Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, my fellow BB addicts!! :D Last night was crazzzzyy on the live feeds!! Rachel came back into the house, Brendon went M.I.A., Rachel caused drama for a few HG's and messed with their games, as she helped Brendon's game out by talking to Hayden/Enzo about teaming up with Brendon and going to the end. As Rachel said a few times last night, "I don't wanna see you (Enzo) or Brendon in that jury house!" While she wants Brendon/Hayden/Enzo to work together, she told Hayden that she doesn't really trust Hayden that much. (I covered that convo last night in the Evening Post).

This morning's Overnighter will be a long one, I have a feeling. lol :P I'll be posting in sections, so refresh periodically!

In the meantime, if you wanna watch the fight between Rachel & Ragan from yesterday afternoon, use the Flashback Feeds and start at 6:14pm BBT on August 14th, Camera 1!!

(One of the best BB fights ever! Instant classic!!)

8:35pm BBT:
Backyard Couch
The Brigade
Cam 3

Enzo said that he thinks Brendon will come back into the house while Rachel is there.

Enzo: "He HAS TO have contact with (Rachel), because we did!" (re: it'd only be fair)

Enzo said he hopes that Brendon does come back while Rachel is in the house so that he can sit them both down and convince Brendon to put up Britney against Lane, so that they can get rid of Brit this week. (**This plan changed by the end of the night, so I'm moving on.)

9:00pm BBT:
HOH Room
Cam 2

Rachel is telling Hayden that at least everyone knows Britney's game, unlike with Matt.

Hayden: "It might be smarter to get rid of him this week."
Rachel: "Right."
Hayden: "Whoever gets put up, has gotta have the votes to go."
Rachel: "Nobody is gonna vote against Lane..."

Rachel told Hayden that she thinks that Lane is the saboteur, but Britney told Rachel that she (Brit) thinks it's Enzo during their convo earlier.

**This whole convo is Rachel trying to get Brendon/Hayden/Enzo to play together and trust each other. Rachel fills Hayden in on some thing and they talk about everything from who they think the sab is, to Hayden being surprised at Brendon's nominations. Hayden told Rachel that "they" still think he (Hay) is against Brendon, which is great because that's what he wants for right now.

11:53am BBT:
Backyard Couch Area

Lane just got done asking Britney why she's telling people things that he tells her, because it's making people (like Rachel) think he's the sab. Britney said she only told 1 convo between them both. Britney said that when she talked to Rachel, she told her that she (Brit) thought the sab was Rachel.

Rachel: "Britney, did you just tell Enzo that I am the saboteur?"
Britney: "I told Enzo that I told YOU that I thought YOU were the saboteur."
Britney: "And then you also said that you were trying to convince Brendon that Enzo was the saboteur!"
Britney: "No, Rachel!"
Rachel: "Yeah, Britney! Why did Enzo's name get brought up? I sure didn't bring it up!"
Britney: "Oh my god.."
Rachel: "Don't Oh My God, Britney! You said you thought it was Enzo because of his change in behavior!"
Britney: "I said that Brendon said that!"
Enzo: "Is that what he said? I mean, I just wanna know..."

Britney: "Oh my god..Brendon did not specifically say who he thinks it is, only that he had someone in mind and it's someone that has been acting differently."

Enzo: "But I heard that you specifically said that you think that I'm the saboteur."

They go back & forth. Enzo gets frustrated and says he swore on "wifey" and, even though he hated it, on his daughter, that he's not the saboteur.

The fight got heated: Rach/Britney yelling at each other..he said/she said.

By 12:09am BBT, Rachel gets up and leaves the conversation saying that she has no reason to lie because she's not even in the game anymore. Rach told Enzo to believe whatever he wants, but she (Rach) isn't lying.

Rachel leaves.
Britney starts crying and tells Enzo she didn't say that he was the sab.

Enzo said it's okay, he was just trying to clear the air, etc etc.

Enzo: "She's here to create chaos!"

Britney is scared that Brendon's gonna hear about their fight and put Britney up on the block now.

1:20am BBT:

Britney: "I just don’t want to go up on the block against you or Ragan."
Lane: "Why don’t you want to go up against me?"
Britney: "Because it’s a loss for me no matter who goes home."
Lane: "Huh? Why?"
Britney: "Cause I don’t want you to go."
Lane: " Why...just be in the jury."
Britney: ""I know, but I wanna hang out with you.
Lane: "You wanna makeout don’t ya.."

Britney: "No."
Lane: "Dumb. I have a girlfriend anyways."
Britney: "I know, but I still want to be...hang out with you.""
Lane: "I have half a girlfriend, I think.

(Both laugh.)

Britney: ""I just don’t want to go up against you.
Lane: "You’ll have Ragan here."
Britney: "Yeah, but Ragan wasn’t my original buddy."
Lane: "Yeah, but I tried to make out with you, then I became friends with you." (Britney giggles) wasn’t supposed to go like that. My plan backfired...ok? So.."
Britney: "So,’re my friend. You make me feel better."
Lane: "I know, but..I tried to use you!"
Britney: "As a make out partner?"
Lane: "Yeah."
Britney: "I know, and you’re mean to me all the time and I still like’s stupid. I should just boot you out. You’re mean to me all the time and I'm always like “Lane is so nice”, no he's not.

(both laughing)

Britney: "Just mean to me all the time. I don’t know why I still like you. You’re rude."
Lane: "Yeah, but women like that though. I don’t have like, a mean rudeness to me...well, half the time, people know I'm joking around...but I'm not gonna baby you too.
Britney: "Yeah."
Lane: "I’ll still act the same to you outside these walls." (being sincere)

**Very cute convo between the two. Recommend watching on the flashback feeds if ya got'em. :)

1:50am BBT:
Cabana Room

**This convo is game changing.

Enzo said that he wants to talk to the boys about Matt and how he thinks Matt has flipped sides. Lane starts the convo off.

Lane: "Matt was telling me one time, he had pulled me into the storage room and he was like, "Hey, Kathy told me that they're thinking about putting you up." This was weeks ago. He said Rachel told Kathy that they were putting me up, and I was like, "Man, that's crazy! I just talked to Rachel and she said she wasn't even thinking about putting me up." And then later on, Matt was like "Oh then I must have misheard." Shit like that, he tells me all the time! He always tries to get me worked up and scared all the time."
Enzo: "Everytime I talk to Matty now, he's nervous as hell! I don't know what's his problem. Like when I was just outside talkin' to Kathy? He was lookin' at me and shit..."
Lane: "The thing is, like..I don't care if people see me and Britney talking. But with (Matt), he doesn't want anyone seeing him talk with Ragan!"
Enzo: "I think he flipped, yo! I think he flipped!"
Hayden: "If Matt flips, it will be hard to control him."

Hayden brings up the fact that Ragan & Matt have spent the past 22 out of 24 hours together. Enzo said that everytime Matt is in the room with them (Hay/Enzo/Lane), Ragan always follows him in. He's always arond.

By the end of the convo, they think Matt has totally flipped sides.

Enzo: "He flipped yo, I thought he was one of us but he flipped!"
Hayden: "He's tryin' to play both sides!"

All 3 of them worry that Matt will tag along with Ragan and start knocking them (Enzo/Lane/Hayden) out with Ragan by his side.

Hayden: "I trust Brendon more than I trust Matt!"

Enzo said that in a Final 6 scenario (that includes Brit/Ragan/Brigade), Matt would not only be friends with the Brigade, but also with Ragan and Britney, so he would be sitting pretty.

2:08am BBT:
Enzo told Lane to not trust Britney. Lane said that Matt is less trust worthy then Britney, and has also done worse things then Britney. Enzo agreed.

The boys think that Matt might be the new sab because he's spreading rumors all over the house & that when he opened up Pandora's Box, he became the new sab.

They all agree: They want Matt gone this week! (**Little do they know, Matt has the Diamond Veto and will use it to save himself if he's on the block. Either way, it looks like the original Brigade is now over.)

Enzo/Lane/Hayden said that they will tell Brendon that Rachel wants Matt out. Afterwards, they will make Bitney and Ragan think they (Hay/Enzo/Lane) are still against Brendon so that they go after each other. Their new plan is to go to Final 3 together.

2:40am BBT:
Enzo said that when Matt is around them, it doesn't "flow". Hayden said the 3 of them (Lane/Hayden/Enzo) "click" together.

That's it for the Overnighter!!! Omg, my head is totally spinning from listening to all those convos. lol :P Rachel slept in the HOH bed last night, as everyone else slept in their usual beds.

Stay tuned...

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