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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Evening in the BB House

Whatta day and night on the live feeds!!! Okay, so Ragan won POV and his 'thunder has been stolen' (so to speak) by RACHEL, of all people!! Yes, you read that right..Rachel is back in the house, but only for the next 24 hours. So turn on the live feeds and enjoy the show!! ;) Rachel plans on making life a living hell for certain HG's before her departure, especially Ragan's.

Brendon is still M.I.A. The HG's think that BB snagged him up for the next 24 hours while Rachel is in the house and that was his consequence for opening up Pandora's Box this afternoon.

Let's dive into the Evening post! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

6:10pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kathy told Rachel how she overheard Matt/Ragan talk bad about her (Kathy) for 20 minutes the other night and how hurt she was over it. They talked about her eyelashes, her age, etc etc.

Rachel: "Well I'm in this house for the next 24 hours, and I plan on making their lives miserable!!" (laughs)

Rachel is going downstairs to make cookies and tease Ragan with them. (*LOL)

6:19pm BBT:

Rachel and Ragan are fighting..hardcore!! lol (**Gawd, I love this drama!!! :D)

Ragan: "You are WITCH, FAKE, and the only thing real about your are the pimples on your chin!!"
Rachel: "You're a GAY GUY that's not even good at being gay!!!"
Ragan: "You are VILE and DISGUSTING woman, Rachel!!"

Turn on the feeds!! This is too good to miss!!

Ragan is mock-laughing at Rachel every single time she laughs.

Ragan: "You're days of bullying me are OVER!!! I'm done with it, BABY!!!!"

Both of them are screaming/yelling at each other.

Ragan: "You have a parrot face with big ugly zits on your chin!!"

WOOOWWWW!!!! Ragan just went off on Rachel HARDCORE!!!!!!!!! Ragan told Rachel everything that he's ever wanted to tell her...she's ugly, she's disgusting, and she's the "something bad unleashed in the house" from Brendon opening up Pandora's Box.

Ragan goes inside.
Rachel stands still. Alone.

(Use the Flashback Feeds and start at 6:20pm BBT to watch this fight, wayyyy too much to transcribe!!)

6:29pm BBT:

Rachel went inside and told them that Ragan was personally attacking her and that what he said was out of line.

Rachel: "He said I look like a parrot, that I'm ugly, that I have zits..I mean, everyone has zits!"

Enzo calmed her down and Rachel said she's looking forward to playing in the pool tournament tonight with them.

Ragan is in the Have Not's room alone.

Back in the kitchen...

Britney told the boys about the fight and what was said.

Britney thinks that Rachel saying stuff about him being gay is what set Ragan off.

**Turn on the feeds, it's gonna be an interesting night, boys & girls!!

6:45pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Everyone is talking to Ragan, making sure he's okay. Lane told Ragan that he was not in the wrong for saying what he said to her. Ragan said she (Rach) brought it upon herself.

Enzo enters.

Enzo: "You f**kin' ripped her a new a**hole, man! Holy sh*t, bro!!"
Ragan: "Once the gay thing got mentioned, the gloves came off."

(Rachel is in the Diary Room. The HG's think maybe she's asking to leave early.)

6:58pm BBT:
All HG's (minus Rachel, who's still in the D.R.)

The HG's are cooking and/or eating.

Kathy compared Rachel to a female version of Evel Dick.

7:08pm BBT:
Sunset Room

The two are hashing their problems out. Ragan said that they both love attention, and that he loved to get attention in his 20's but he's calm now.

Ragan: "There's a difference between good attention and bad attention, and I think you are going to come to a fork in the road, and you may not see it now because we both love this game and we both love this show. You may not have been genuinely aware of (your need of attention)."

Ragan: "I say this with all sincerity..the person that I hung out with (Rach) in this game, (I loved). And then you morphed."

They hug it out...
...then talk some more.

Ragan: "Let's make this a FUN 24 hours!!"

7:36pm BBT:
Sunset Room

The girls are talking and being super friendly with each other. Britney said that she honestly said nice things in her goodbye message but that BB must have edited out things that could sound bad and piece it together.

The chit chat is light and fun, Britney is working hard on that jury vote. lol :P

**Okay boys & girls, I'm outty for the night!! The night is just begining for the HG's, though! They normally don't go to bed until 4am BBT, so enjoy watching Rachel one last time on the live feeds!!! See y'all in the morning!!

Stay tuned...

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