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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Afternoon in the BB House + Rachel is back!!

Okay, so if you haven't yet read, Ragan won the POV today. Even if Brendon puts up Matt, Matt is safe because he would just use the Diamond Power of Veto on himself. Then Matt would replace himself with most likely Britney (since the only other choices are Brigade members and Kathy, but they want to take Kathy to Final 5 or 6.) So it looks like Britney might be going home this week. We'll see how this week plays out after the Veto Ceremony on Monday when Ragan takes himself off the block!

Since Ragan won the POV, he is now safe from eviction and that means he just won $20,000 for completing 2 weeks of being the new saboteur.

Currently on the live feeds...

2:17pm BBT:
Bubbles on the feeds...

2:55pm BBT:
Still bubbles...

OMG!!!!! RACHEL IS BACK IN THE HOUSE!!! hahahahaha!!! (Don't worry, it's not permanent!)

She's fighting with Ragan!! TURN ON THE FEEDS!!! She's gonna be in the house for 24 hours!!!

Britney is PISSED!!! hahaha

Ragan and Rachel are fighting!!!

Rachel said she's gonna make Ragan's life a living hell for the next 24 hours. (**OMG this is gonna be fun to watch!! LOL :D)

Apparently Rachel said "I'm back, bitches!" as she came back into the house. (Ragan said she was giving mean looks to everyone and took 2 steps back when Kathy went to hug her. Rachel denied doing any of that though.)

Rachel said she's in the house for 24 hours to ask questions and get information.

Enzo, Matt and Hayden are asking her about the Jury House.

Rachel: "The house is amazing! There's a fountain..a rock fountain, and a spa..."

Rachel was brought back from Pandoras Box. They think Brendon is locked in the HOH room for the next 24 hours.

Kathy: "You think if we knock he'll be able to hear us??"
Britney: "He's probably in a box or something! He's been missing for 2 hours now!"

Rachel is sad and surprised because she thought she'd be able to see Brendon. lol

Turn on the live feeds, guys! WAYYY too much convo going on to transcribe!!

Rachel is asking why she got evicted 6-0 vote, what was the HOH comp, etc.
Britney is telling Rachel about they had to climb under and over ropes during the HOH comp.

Rachel is calling Britney out on her nasty goodbye message, Britney is denying saying anything nasty and saying that BB must of wayyyy edited it and it got taken out of context.

3:23pm BBT:
HOH Room
All HG's

Everyone went up to the HOH room to look for Brendon.

Nobody knows where Brendon is and/or how long he'll be gone.

Rachel sits down and says that she wants to ask everyone individual questions and then bubbles...

3:39pm BBT:
Feeds still on bubbles...(Rach is probably saying stuff that BB doesn't want us to hear until either Sunday or Tuesday's show.)

Feeds are back!!
All the HG's decide to go check outside to try to find Brendon:

No sign of him and no clues. Brendon has been kidnapped!! lol

3:46pm BBT:
As Rachel and Enzo were walking through the house, Rachel asked to talk to him and he said sure.

3:47pm BBT:
HOH Room

Enzo told Rachel that Ragan/Lane are on the block but now that Ragan won POV, he has no idea who Brendon will renom. Rachel thinks Britney or possibly Matt.

Enzo said that him/Hayden/Brendon are working together in the house now.

Rachel: "I don't wanna see you or Brendon in the jury house!"

**They're talking at the speed at light! Hard to keep up! lol

Rachel said that she was shocked at the 6-0 vote to evict her.

Down in the cabana room...

4:03pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Ragan said when Rachel took 2 steps back from hugging Kathy, that's was it for him. Lane told Ragan what she said about the Jury House, it's in "the hills" somewhere and it's really nice, but no workout room..just a treadmill. (It also has a pool and hot tub).

Matt thinks that Brendon/Rachel switched places for a day...Brendon at Jury House and Rachel in the BB house.

Matt thinks that maybe Brendon saw a picture of Rachel and opened up Pandora's Box and then (basically) got kidnapped by BB. lol

Back upstairs...

4:10pm BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel is pissed that Ragan won the POV. Enzo said that Ragan did really good at the POV comp and he "did his thing" and won.

Rachel is warning Enzo to not trust Hayden, but to trust Brendon. (**Note: Enzo is kissing ass HARDCORE! Surprised his nose isn't brown yet. ;) )

Rachel is talking about her goodbye messages and how good everyone looked on camera. Enzo is super happy to hear that.

Enzo: "NICE!! NIIIICE!!! The meow MEOW!!!"

Enzo is laughing at how Rachel asked Ragan "Why are you such a bitch? Because you're gay?" a little bit after she entered the house.

Talk turns to getting out Britney and Ragan, Enzo said he sees who he needs to go.

**My head is spinning! There's convo's on every feed!

4:46pm BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel is talking with Matt now. Rachel is asking why he wanted to get rid of her sooo badly.

Rachel: "I wanted to get you on our side! You and I are the ONLY PEOPLE that were (fighting/playing the game)."

Stay tuned...

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