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Friday, August 13, 2010

Afternoon in the BB House + New Sab Message

At 11:35am BBT, the HG's went on outside lockdown as BB set up the new smaller table for the HG's. (They all thought they were gonna get Have Not's food).

Currently on the live feeds...

12:47pm BBT:
Lots of "ooohh!!" and "ahhh!!'s come from the HG's as they enter the house and find their new, and smaller, dining room table!!

Brendon: "This is crazy, right?"

Brendon: "One of us here will win the half million dollars...and one of you is the sabatour." (laughs)
Ragan: "This reminds me a family table!"
Brendon: "And we even fight like a family."
Ragan: "I knowwww!"

All HG's get up from the table and start roaming around the house.

12:52pm BBT:
Ragan is alone in the Have Not's Room.

Matt joins Ragan a minute or two later.

Ragan is telling Matt about his convo with Brendon.

Ragan: "I reminded him that we (Ragan/Matt) are the reason why he (Brendon) didn't leave."

Ragan is stealth-whispering, very hard to hear.
Enzo comes in and asks if they're going in the pool. Matt says he thinks he's gonna nap. Enzo said he's gonna try to nap outside by the pool.

Enzo: "I'm so out of it today, yo!"

Matt: "I can tell."

1:00pm BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon said he was sorry and that he "crossed the line" when he told Britney that Nick was at home cheating on her. Britney is crying and said that it really hurt her, but that his plan (to hurt her) worked.

Brendon: "I'm really sorry and I should have never had said that. I really crossed the line. I know how much you miss Nick because I miss Rachel a lot. Don't think in a million years that Nick would ever cheat on you!"

Britney said that she's sorry she couldn't use the POV and Brendon said it's okay and that he's playing the game in the now, not in the past.

1:10pm BBT:
Britney said she was upfront with Rachel and didn't string her along, she told Rachel that she couldn't and wouldn't use the veto to save her.

Brendon said that Britney is a strong competitor and Britney agreed.

Britney: "And that's why I think I should stay another week. (re: strong competitor) And I never did you guys wrong."

1:17pm BBT:

Britney said that she's not in any alliances and never even has been approached with an offer to be in one. She said, in so many words, that she knows she's disposable in the game and that it'd benefit Brendon to keep her for the long run.

1:19pm BBT:
Palm Bedroom
The Brigade

Lane said he wants to tell Brendon "So I hear you think I'm the sab." Enzo said he can't do that.

Lane: "What am I gonna say up there?"

Lnae heads up to the HOH room.
Britney exits the HOH room.

1:30pm BBT:
HOH Room

Lane lied to Brendon and said that Brendon was gonna go home but "seconds before the live show, it switched".

Brendon said he's gonna do what's best for his game because he can't play for HOH next week and he doesn't wanna go out next week just because he can't play for HOH again.

Lane said he is friends with Britney but doesn't think he'll get far in the game with her.

Lane: "Britney and Ragan said 'Will you stand by us?' when the vote switched because they thought you'd go crazy."

Lane said he doesn't think Brendon throwing the bowling ball during the last POV comp was "unsportsmanship like". He said when people play football and you're so into the game, you just kill yourself trying and get so upset.

Meanwhile, downstairs..

Enzo is listening to Matt/Ragan/Britney talk in the Have Not's room to see if they're throwing Hayden/Enzo under the bus at all.

Enzo: "I don't think they're sayin' nothing about us."

Enzo told Hayden that he loves the Brigade, but they (Hay/Enzo) have to do what they have to do to stay in the game.

BB: "Houseguests, this is a lockdown."

All HG's go outside.

(They think it might be time for the Have Not's food now.)

Britney & Hayden are playing a game of pool.

All other HG's are lounging around in various areas of the backyard having non-game chit chat.

2:44pm BBT:
The Have Not's got escargot & eggplant for the week.

2:57pm BBT:
Hayden & Enzo plan to backdoor Brendon next week and tell him they are trying to backdoor Matt, and then at the last minute switch and backdoor Brendon.

Enzo also said that Nominations are at 5pm BBT today.

3:16pm BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon told Hayden that he's thinking about putting up Matt/Ragan or Brit/Lane. He doesn't want one 1/2 of a pair off the block and able to save the other...says he wants to break up a pair and not have both coming after him.

**Brendon truly thinks that Lane is the sab.

Brendon is leaning more towards Lane/Britney, with Britney being the target.

Brendon said that Lane hasn't been up on the block and needs to be shaken up. -
Hayden: "I don't know, man."

Hayden is trying to talk Brendon out of putting up Lane.

Brendon: "Britney and Lane are a pair. And Matt and Ragan are a pair, no matter what they say..they're a pair! If Britney leaves this week, then everyone should want to break up the last pair in the house next week (Ragan/Matt)."

Hayden leaves.

4:00pm BBT:
HOH Room

It's Enzo's turn to talk.

Enzo walks in and says he's sweatin' go up on the block. Brendon tells him he's not going up and that he wants Lane/Britney up.

Enzo said that he wants Britney out over Lane and Brendon agreed.

Enzo: "Because Britney is smart, man! She knows everything in this house!"

Brendon said that they (Hay/Enzo/Bren) really need to win POV this week. Enzo said that him and Hayden will go up to the HOH room and practice quizzing with Brendon every night..each of them going week by week.

Enzo said that Ragan/Matt are "more tight" than Lane/Britney, but that Britney is a threat and can't be trusted. (**He's trying to keep Lane off the block.)

The convo ends and both head downstairs.

4:14pm BBT:
The HG's just got another sab message. It said that the "lifelong friends" are both still in the house and that it's a guy/girl. The HG's don't believe the sab message at all.
The HG's are saying that they now believe the first "lifelong friends" message even less. Britney said that the last sab message about how Brendon/Rachel might be safe last week was a big lie, so they don't believe anything the sab says. And the first message said that the sab (Annie at the time) escaped the block, which obviously she didn't.

Enzo: "I wanna watch that again."
Ragan is sitting back, quiet, watching and listening to everyone's reactions.

Britney thinks that sab is trying to throw Brit/Kathy under the bus, since they're the last 2 girls left and the sab said the lifelong friends are a guy/girl.

Enzo thinks its Big Brother as "the sab". Ragan chimes in and says it's B.S. (bullsh*t).

4:37pm BBT:
HOH Room

Matt is swearing that he didn't win any money for opening up pandora's box. Talk turns to who the sab could be. Matt thinks it might be America.

Brendon: "Let's say that the sab got offered $50,00 for what..3 weeks, it'd be stupid to take the offer and risk getting caught and risking the chance of getting caught and losing $500,000."

Matt leaves.
Britney enters.

4:44pm BBT:
HOH Room

BB called Brendon to the Diary Room so he only had a minute to talk to Britney, but he told her that he's nominating her and putting her up against Lane.

Brendon: "If anyone can win POV, it's you."
Britney: "I'm gonna try!"

They hug and Brendon goes to the D.R.

4:48pm BBT:
Palm Bedroom

Britney told Matt that she's going up on the block.

Britney: "I think I'm the target."

4:50pm BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon is saying "sorry, I freaked out" by telling her that she's going up on the block today. (BB doesn't allow the HOH to tell HG's that they're going up before nominations, only that it's a "possibility".)

Britney: "I know you're not supposed to tell me anything."

Britney begs Brendon to not go up on the block.

Britney: "I'll do anything! I don't wanna go up, Brendon."
Brendon: "I'm sick of making deals with people and then the next week, they forget about them and come after me."

Britney: "I'm not in an alliance with anyone..I'm close friends with Lane, Matt and Ragan."

Stay tuned...

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