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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Evening in the BB House

Good evening, everyone!! :D Well it looks like Brendon's plan of pissing off Ragan/Britney is working, but the end result is not what he wanted. lol He's trying to get evicted this week over Rachel, but the other HG's are on to Brendon/Rachel's plan and they're not falling for it..not matter how upset they get. But the HG's are letting Brendon think that he's leaving this week & all are anticipating the look on Rachel's face when she gets evicted over Brendon on Thursday.

Let's see what the HG's are up to tonight!

Currently on the live feeds...

5:58pm BBT:

Britney went to go find Ragan for the pool tournament and comes back out a couple minutes later...

Britney: "Guess who's still in the D.R.!" (**Maybe Ragan is getting a new saboteur mission? :D)

Hayden said he wants to take a shower before tonight's pool tournament.

Meanwhile, over across the backyard...

6:03pm BBT:

The two love birds are eating and talking about school & such. No game talk at the moment.

Hayden screamed over from the BY couch and asked Brendon how close the beach is to the BB house and Brendon went into a 3 minute explanation. lol Hayden said he just saw a seagull fly overhead and that's why he was wondering.

6:32pm BBT:

The boys are doing thier nightly "sexy bitch abs" class. lol

Meanwhile, inside...

6:36pm BBT:

Britney & Hayden are cooking dinner.
Brendon & Rachel then make their way to the Sunset Bedroom.

6:40pm BBT:
Sunset Bedroom

The mood is light between the two. They're enjoying some peace & quiet by themselves, savoring the last moments before they're split up on Thursday night's eviction.

Rachel: (jokingly) "Sorry I won 2 HOH's and made us a target."

Brendon is saying that a lot of the game is skill, and a lot is luck. Brendon jokes and says who knows..maybe Kathy will win the game.

Rachel: "You're the only person that makes me laugh!"
Lots of giggles and little kisses.

6:46pm BBT:

Ragan is getting very deep..he says he needs therapy and get the "instruments" to implement things in his life so that he's not single forever. He has some deeply rooted issues that he needs to work out with stuff such as being bullied. He says that he needs to start noticing guys that are looking at him, etc. (He's getting very personal and opening up to Matt.)

Ragan said that he's aware of his issues, he's just not sure how to fix them for daily living.

Ragan: "It's like having bad know you have it and that you need to break the habit."

The boys get back to doing their abs.

Matt: "This is more like 'Sensitive Bitch Abs' instead of 'Sexy Bitch Abs'."
Ragan: "We don't just workout our muscles, we also workout our heart muscles!"

6:53pm BBT:
During one of their mini-breaks from doing abs, Ragan said that he really hopes he wins HOH on Thursday, he's in need of a letter from home (from his sister, specifically).

7:01pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Ragan & Kathy are having a heart-to-heart convo (I choked up with tears, I'm not gonna lie.) Ragan said that when he was in school, he never stuck up for himself against bullies that would call him horrible names that referred to him being gay.

Ragan: "Going from class to class across campus, I used to take the longest route and go around (the buildings), just to avoid conflict. So when I get bullied, I wanna stick up for myself now!"

(He's referring to how Brendon is being mean to him. Just to make this clear, Brendon has never brought Ragan's sexuality into the game, nor has Ragan ever claimed that he did. Ragan is referring to an earlier incident where Ragan accidentally stepped on the back of Brendon's flip flop and Brendon responded with an "excuse you!" remark.)

Ragan said saying hateful things about Brendon, does not sit well with him because that's not who he truly is inside. Ragan said he started to bash Brendon just to vent.

Ragan: "My problem this whole time with Brendon is that, his poor sportsmanship. Calling people pu**ies during comps, calling them losers after comps, chucking a bowling ball (during the last POV Comp), stuff like that."

Ragan said he's been doing a lot of self-reflecting this afternoon.

7:11pm BBT:
Living Room

Lane is teaching Britney a linebacker move & then heads outside after a couple of practices.

7:14pm BBT:

Enzo is looking for their pet moth. Enzo named him "Stealth". lol They think the moth left because they were feeding him too much food.

Enzo: "After we fed him the bee, that was it!"
Lane: "He was probably thinking that he shouldn't have that much food in the span of 2 weeks!"

7:20pm BBT:
Enzo/Hayden/Lane/Kathy (Ragan just went inside)

Hayden & Lane are playing a practice game before tonight's pool tournament. Enzo can be heard in the background moaning as he's getting in the hot tub.

Enzo: (to himself) "Don't piss in the hot tub, Enzo. Don't piss!"
Kathy: "Yea, please don't!" *giggles*

Enzo said he's gonna "hot tub it", then shower, then get dressed for tonight's big pool tournament.

7:37pm BBT:

Britney thinks that Rachel & Brendon were cast because it's exactly what Brit told BB that she can't stand.

Ragan: "I want them gone..I just want them (Bren/Rach) far away."
Britney: "Hopefully soon! Hopefully in a couple weeks, this (in the backyard) is the whole house. It'd be big brother nirvana!"

7:40pm BBT:
Enzo is still enjoying the hot tub.

7:41pm BBT:
Pool Table

The pool tournament has started!!

First up to play, Ragan VS Britney.

As they're making shots, they're mocking Brendon & Rachel.

Ragan: "You got this, babe! You got this!!"
Britney: "What is their obsession with saying 'You got this'?"
Ragan: "I don't know."

7:45pm BBT:
Ragan & Britney are bashing Brendon/Rachel. (**So much for self-reflection, aye Ragan?)

8:00pm BBT:
Britney won against Ragan because Ragan scratched. Up next, Matt VS Enzo!

8:17pm BBT:
Pool Table Area
Matt/Britney/Enzo (Lane is nearby on the elliptical)

Britney said her goodbye message to Rachel is going to be nice for a jury vote. Matt said she's not getting Rachel's vote so might as well just be mean. Britney said maybe she'll just be sarcastic-nice.

BB: "You are not allowed to talk about your Diary Room sessions with other houseguests!"

Britney: "I haven't even BEEN to the Diary Room yet! It's hypothetical."

Britney told the boys that she wants everyone to drink any alcohol that BB gives them tonight before Rachel finds out.

**Okie dokie, I'm outty for the night! Meet me back here at 9am EST for the Overnighter! Until then, enjoy the feeds!! :D

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